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Line of Fire (17 Aug 1972) By Roger Parkes Published by Sphere
Roger Parkes
Born 1933 - Died 2nd May 2008

Roger Parkes had 15 novels published and had been responsible for many hours of classic TV ranging from Z Cars, Crown Court and The Onedin Line, Blake’s 7 and of course Doomwatch.

‘The Prisoner was my first screen success,’ he says. ‘I was working at the BBC at the time and, although I’d had a novel published, I hadn’t managed to actually get any script work. It was quite a baptism.’

While writing was always the ultimate goal — ‘the piece of grit in the oyster,’ as Roger called it, his career had seen him do a number of unusual roles, from story editing to magistrate, via the RAF, agricultural college and prison visitor. ‘Well, you need a back-up, don’t you?’

Riot By Roger Parkes Published by Fontana Press
Roger wrote for many classic TV series including my favourite episode of The Prisoner - A Change of Mind, Strange Report, The Onedin Line, Survivors (1975 - 1977) and Blake’s 7 (1978 - 1981) as well as many non-genre shows. He also script edited Legend of Death (1965), Menace (1970 - 1973) and Out of the Unknown (1965 - 1971) and recently wrote the forward to Robert Fairclough's second volume of The Prisoner script books and provided a commentary on the recent Network DVD release. Roger and his wife Tess had been running a B&B in Cookham. Away from television, he was chairman of East Berkshire Family Proceedings Court and the Thames Valley Family Mediation Service among others, as well as spending 5 years as a prison visitor.

The Prisoner (1967-68) John Sharp (No. 2) and Peter Swanwick (Supervisor) in Roger Parkes Episode 12, "A Change of Mind."
At the time of writing A Change of Mind, Roger was an inexperienced writer and we started by asking him how he got the chance to write for The Prisoner. He was working for the BBC as a story editor at the time and of the writers, Moris Farhi, told him about the series and put in a good word for him to George Markstein. Roger suggested an idea for an episode, where number 1 tries to trick number 6 into revealing his secrets by making him think that he’s had a lobotomy which would remove his moral scruples, and reveals his secrets. Roger Parkes died on 12th May 2008 after a short illness

Doomwatch Filmography

No Room for Error (1971) TV episode (writer)   
Without the Bomb (1972) TV episode (writer) 

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