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In the Summer of 1971 Canadian station CBC transmitted selected episodes of Doomwatch Season 1 and 2 as one season. There is some confusion as to whether they actually transmitted The Logicians, so if you can help us out here, let us know!

The CBC is responsible for retaining the only known copies of many episodes of Doomwatch, almost the entirety of Season 2 from episodes 1 to 12. Interestingly, Season 2, Episode 13 - Public Enemy was never shown but is the only one from Season 2 retained by the BBC in it's original 625 Line PAL format.

In the following run of episodes below the CBC did not actually show but retained what is now the only existing copies (as NTSC 525 Line) of:

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Train and De-Train  (NTSC)
Season 2 - Episode 1 - You Killed Toby Wren (NTSC)

CBC, also kept the only copy of the transmitted version of
Season 1 - Episode 4 - Tomorrow, The Rat

The following is a synopsis for Doomwatch that Canadian TV station CBC used for their original transmissions. Thanks to their archive for the following information.

 A description of Season 2 follows...





'Doomwatch', one of the most popular television drama series of recent years, returns for a new thirteen-week series on Monday December 14.

When the first series was shown the terms 'technological hazard' and 'environmental pollution' were little known. It can be justly claimed that 'Doomwatch' not only gave a word to the language but also helped draw attention to the great ecological hazards that threaten the human race.

The programme will continue to do this through its prime function which is to entertain. Quist and his team are the contemporary counterparts of St. George. Quist's dragon spouts more than fire and brimstone but the conflict is the same.

The first story is 'You Killed Toby Wren' by Terence Dudley. When Wren is killed while dismantling the 'Byfield' bomb, Quist is held responsible in that he failed to obey orders and obstructed the police. The Minister sees this as a chance of removing the thorn in his side and orders a Tribunal of Inquiry. Ridge, who also blames Quist for Wren's death, pursues a line on human/animal hybrids and is profoundly shocked by what he discovers. Will he speak for or against Quist at the crucual enquiry?

As in the first series, John Paul plays Quist, Simon Oates plays Ridge and Joby Blanshard plays Colin Bradley. Two new characters are introduced - John Nolan as Geoff Hardcastle and Vivien Sherrard as Barbara Mason - and the guest stars are John Barron, Donald Morley, Edward Underdown and Macdonald Hobley.

Devised by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis. Produced and directed by Terence Dudley.

DOOMWATCH (c) Metronet

The code name "Doomwatch" is the term applied to a small, highly educated group of British scientists dedicated to uncovering and destroying the many extreme dangers posed to man by modern science and technology. Polluted oceans and air, chemically perverted foodstuffs, the onerous after-effects of scientific research, the ever-increasing loss of privacy –all are symptoms of our modern society and all come under the scope of the zealous band of "Doomwatchers" who will stop at nothing to prevent the balance of nature from being forever poisoned. Headed by Dr. Spencer Quist, the Doomwatch team encounters almost as much opposition from the various government departments involved with ecology, as those forces which knowingly break the law. But the dedicated team will use any means, however unconventional and including violence, to carry out their mission. It's a fast-paced chilling adventure series from the BBC, that deals with the real villians of our modern world–the forces of ecological disruption that could eventually destroy the planet it–self. Featuring John Paul as Dr. Spencer Quist, Simon Oates as Dr. John Ridge, Barbara Mason is played by Vivien Sherrard, John Nolan is Geoff Hardcastle and Joby Blanshard is seen as Dr. Colin Bradley.

Friday July 2nd 1971 was the series debut of Doomwatch that ignored episodes 1 to 3 of Season 1 and went straight into Episode 4...


Friday July 2nd 1971
Tomorrow, the Rat
10-11p.m. Billed as the series debut

It's interesting to note that the original typed up documents say "The Day of the Rat" which has then been subsequently crossed out and Tomorrow, the Rat is written in it's place and a typed up explanation to this effect appears at the bottom of the page and a date with it of 4:30 p.m. 9/6/71 DSM.

A scientific experiment using rats to improve the genetic qualities of man backfires causing a horde of vicious, highly intelligent and fertile rats with a taste for human flesh to be let loose on London. All of Doomwatch's energies are brought into play to defeat these cunning monsters created in the laboratory.

 It's amusing to note that the following show FBI is entitled Death Watch.

Friday July 9th


10:30 a.m. 8/6/71 DSM

Dr. Quist and his team uncover a frightening chemical warfare research station in a quiet area of Yorkshire. A deadly virus could endanger the population of Britain and the Doomwatch team must cope with public apathy and official interference in their quest for answers to a deadly problem that no one will admit exists. 
(A note is then made that Further details TBA)

Friday July 16th
The Islanders
10:00-11:00 p.m.

The small island of St. Simon's in the south Pacific suffers an earth tremor which threatens the inhabitants. A British protectorate, it has been the home of emigrants from Britain for a hundred and fifty years. The islanders are re-housed in disused army barracks near London, awaiting rehabilitation. Doomwatch is given the opportunity of measuring them against the environment of western industrial civilization. Starring John Paul as Dr. Spencer Quist, Simon Oates as Dr. John Ridge and Joby Blanshard as Dr. Colin Bradley.
Then a date and time stamp of 10:15 a.m. - 25/6/71 - DSM

Jul 16th
The Islanders

Doomwatch is given the opportunity to measure the reactions of islanders previously insulated from modernity against their new environment of western industrial civilization.

Friday July 23rd

No Room for Error

10-11 p.m.

Dr. Fay Chantry, played by Jean Trend, sets out to employ a radical new drug to try and control an outbreak of typhoid among schoolchildren in South Salford. But the side-effects are catastrophic and all of Doomwatch's energies must be employed in the hunt to discover what is causing the sickness. The mystery deepens when Dr. Chantry (spelt incorrectly as Dr. Chant on the original) meets an old love whose actions are suspected. Featuring regulars Joby Blanshard and Vivien Sherrard (spelt incorrectly as Sharrad) with guest star John Wood.
Then a date and time stamp of 10:45 a.m. - 29/6/71 - DSM

Friday July 30th

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

10-11 p.m.

Many scientists believe that an extra Y chromosome in the genetic make-up of an individual may be the cause of criminal behaviour. In tonight's story a geneticist's research into this theory provokes a serious crisis at a boy's school and nearly causes a suicide before the Doomwatch team can prove that theories don't always match up with facts.
Then a date and time stamp of 10:45 a.m. - 7/7/71 - DSM

Friday August 13th

Flight into Yesterday (originally scheduled with the description below)

10:00-11:00 p.m.

Quist is recalled from an ecological conference in California to a meeting at 10, Downing Street. He arrives late from the airport in what is, apparently, a drunken state and is sent home in disgrace. Fay Chantry diagnoses his condition; he has suffered the disorientation associated with crossing and re-crossing the time zones. In view of Quist's condition who is to address the conference in Los Angeles?
Then a date and time stamp of 12 noon 21/7/71 - DSM

There is an additional note at 9:45 a.m. 27/7/71 - DSM that says on August 20th to add as per a note on July 22 that Doomwatch becomes involved in the disorientation process occasioned by intercontinental jet flights.

Flight into Yesterday is then replaced with... 

The Iron Doctor with the description below:-

Two doctors differ in their attitudes towards a rather amazing computer which diagnoses and treats critically ill patients. Dr. Carson feels a machine cannot replace a human but Dr. Whittaker is proud of his experimental intensive care unit. Suddenly some patients begin to die and Carson believes it has been programmed to reject low priority patients. He attempts to interfere and suffers a serious accident putting him under the machine's care. Is the computer trying to kill him and can Doomwatch save him in time before he is allowed to die?

Friday August 27th

The Web Of Fear

10-11:00 p.m.

An impotant government official is stranded on an island off the English coast when a strange new disease breaks out and quarantine is imposed. Quist arrives to discover that a scientists experiments in pest control have created a deadly virus that is being carried on the island by spiders making them and their web lethal. Starring Joby Blanshard, Vivien Sherrard and John Savident.
Then a date and time stamp of 11:30 a.m. 6/8/71 - DSM

Friday September 3rd

In the Dark

10-11:00 p.m.

Doomwatch's search for a mysterious industrialist believed to know the cause of poison gas affecting an area of ocean off the Lancashire coast leads them to a lonely mansion in Scotland. They find their man but also learn that he has undergone a strange series of operations and is now more machine than human. Only his brain is left alive.
Then a date and time stamp of 10:30 a.m. 11/8/71 DSM

Friday September 10th

The Human Time Bomb

10-11 p.m.

Society's pollution watchdogs undertake a study of a new, highly compressed urban living complex with strange results. Scientist Fay Chantry takes a small apartment in the complex but suddenly her behaviour begins to change as a result of the environment and erratic emotions tend to violence. Is this type of apartment dwelling really mentally safe for its inhabitants?

September 17th
The Inquest
(No time allocated)

A scientists's experiments in a small village in Suffolk provoke the anger of the population when a child dies of rabies. All of Doomwatch's energies are brought to bear to find out what is behind the tense situation, which places violent anti-vivisectionists against the scientific experiments. A surprise conclusion is uncovered.
Then a date and time stamp of 10:45 a.m. 25/8/71 DSM

Sep 17th
The Inquest

A long-standing feud between an animal lover and a scientist who uses dogs in his experiments comes to an explosive head when a child dies of rabies. Quist: John Paul. Harcastle: John Nolan. Bradley: Joby Bfanshard. (60 min.) Guest Cast Dr. Fane Frederick Treves Mary Judith Furse Pritchard Frederick Hall Coroner Edward Evans

Friday September 24th

The Logicians

10-11 p.m.

Doomwatch is called in when a major pharmaceutical firm is called is robbed of a vital chemical formula of great value to its competitors. Ridge's suspicions that the crime was committed by a group of private schoolboys led by the son of the firm's owner are confirmed and he finds that the cool, calculating criminal logic of the boys is a match for his own. The question is why did an apparantly normal group of young students commit the robbery? 
Then a date and time stamp of 11/9/71 DSM

The Logicians was the last episode transmitted and the replacement programme the next week was "World TV Showcase"

On Friday October 1st there is a scheduling change note that says DELETE Doomwatch program in this slot. 

Last show in current series telecast September 24th

Then a date and time stamp of 4:45p.m. 9/9/71 DSM

Then scribbled out is the information for....

Friday October 1st 
(episode not named but is actually Public Enemy) 
10-11 p.m.


The residents of a small industrial town cry foul when the pollution from the area's major factory is proved to be causing deaths. Doomwatch proves how the plant can be made safe but owners feel the method too expensive and decide to move. The townspeople change their minds and attack Doomwatch for taking away their livelihood. "Someone has to pay if we want a clean world".
Then a date and time stamp of 1:00p.m. 7/9/71 DSM


There is a scathing review of a Doomwatch episode from Canada's Globe & Mail on July 5th 1971 referring to the broadcast of Tomorrow, the Rat on 2nd July 1971. It is interesting to note that the episode is referred to as The Day of the Rat.


Tries for adventure, Doomwatch just dull

By Kaspars Dzeguze

"Doomwatch must have struck some television executive as a portentous title for a vaguely scientific, allegedly adventurous series of hour-long shows which have their roots in that media-nurtured garden of weeds—ecology.
But to judge by Friday night's premiere offering, The Day of the Rat, there's little chance Doomwatch will tick off the minutes to ecological disaster, since this is clearly another in the series of wildly inaccurate forecasts of things to come.
It's hard to understand why a story revolving around the breeding and escape of intelligent, carnivorous rats (rattus sapiens, as one of the Doomwatch scientists whispers in a technical aside), with a preference for human flesh, who end up terrorizing London, should be so lethargic and un-inspired.
The show's staff could surely have cribbed enough ideas from the monster-creature films that abound to produce an hour crammed with effective second-hand ideas. But no—it seems pride demanded an original disaster unblemished by previous failures. And how original is the ecology angle now? Perhaps Doomwatch will demonstrate uniqueness in the subsequent weeks through the very depth of its fall."

The Globe and Mail, a Canadian Newspaper dated June 26th 1971 has this to say about the screening of Series 2 of DOOMWATCH on CBC...

"Doomwatch—The first fictional series, as far as I know, to commercialize the current pollution awareness. It's a BBC series about a group of scientists assigned to protect the environment by hook or by crook. Starting July 2nd at 10 p.m."

With special thanks to John Corcelli and Anne at the CBC Reference Library for tracking down this news item for

A special thanks to Patrick at for helping to uncover all of this information 

The following is a list of CBC TV Stations that aired DOOMWATCH in 1972 -  Some of these stations are no longer on the air. (With thanks to Robert Lia)

CBXT-TV 5    
Edmonton, Alberta

CKSA-TV 2   
Lloydminster, Alberta / Saskatchewan

CJHL-TV 7   
Lethbridge, Alberta

Medicine Hat, Alberta

CHRD-TV 6    
Red Deer, Alberta

Dawson’s Creek, British Columbia

Terrance, British Columbia

Kamloops, British Columbia

Kelowna, British Columbia

CKPC-TV 2  Prince George, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia
USA over the air coverage, Northwestern Washington State

CBUT-TV 2 Vancouver British Columbia
USA over the air coverage, Northwestern Washington State, Bellingham, & Seattle, Washington

Brandon, Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fredericton, New Brunswick
USA over the  Coverage Presque Isle, Bangor, Houlton & Washington County Maine

St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Barrie, Ontario

CKWS-TV 11 Kingston, Ontario
USA  over the air coverage Perth to Oswego, Watertown, New York

London, Ontario
USA  over the air coverage, Eire, Pennsylvania

Pembroke, Ontario

Peterborough, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario
USA over the air coverage   Upstate New York, Buffalo,  Niagara Falls, New York

Thunder Bay, Ontario
USA over the air coverage Keweenaw County, Michigan & Cook County, Minnesota

Wingham, Ontario

Windsor Ontario
USA over the air coverage, Detroit Michigan Metro area, Michigan

Charlottetown, Prince Edwards Island

Regina,  Saskatchewan

Montreal, Quebec
USA Coverage  Northern Vermont, Northern New York State

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  1. There are more CBC stations that aired Doomwatch, this list only includes the ones that were able to be recieved over the air in the USA