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Mrs Norman attempts to kidnap a baby (Giles) from a Mrs Patrick and claims in court that it's her son, as she claims the baby has had her dead son's heart transplanted into him, without her permission. Doomwatch investigate the heart transplanting practises of a Doctor Patrick. The baby in question does have a new heart and the baby's father is a heart surgeon who conducted the transplant. The other baby died at the same hospital at the right time, but his heart wasn't removed and no-one can track down where the donor heart came from until they discover it's not a human heart. Doomwatch uncover the gruesome genetic engineering practices of Doctor Baring Patrick...

The listings are from The Radio Times 12-18th December 1970

Mrs. Patrick leaves her flat to go to the shops with her son Giles.
A Mrs. Norman secretly follows them both to the shops. At the shops Mrs. Patrick leaves her son in his pram outside and goes in. While in the shops Mrs. Norman attempts to kidnap Giles. Mrs. Patrick spots her while talking to the shopkeeper from inside the shop and abruptly ends the conversation, rushes outside and grabs her son from Mrs. Norman while some shoppers who have seen what has happened, and a man in particular hold Mrs. Norman until the police arrive. Mrs. Norman is held by a man and calls Mrs. Patrick a Thief!

The Doomwatch story captions are shown over a baby in a cot.

Inside Stipendiary Magistrates Court Mrs. Norman is in the witness box defends herself against the charge of abduction by explaining that she believes Mrs. Patrick's son (Giles) has her own baby's stolen heart. She counter accuses Mrs. Patrick's husband (Doctor Baring Patrick) who practices at St.Bridget's (as a research man) of operating on her son, killing him and taking his healthy heart for their own son and the "kidnap" was her attempt of reclaiming her own baby's heart.

At Doomwatch, Quist is reading the evening newspaper Toby has given him covering the earlier events and Mrs. Norman's claims.

Toby thinks it is odd that Mr Patrick was not at court and Quist tells him that he will either attend or be fetched, basically at this early stage he sees nothing in the story. Toby wants to attend the hearing because of this reason alone. Reluctantly Quist lets him attend. Before he leaves for court Quist tells him "You are good at smells, but not all smells are rats". He then tells Toby Doomwatch will not be officially involved in the case. Toby smiles understandingly at him at after Toby as gone Quist throws the newspaper in the bin and carries on with his work.

Before Toby leaves Ridge tells him that Quist doesn't like hunches. Toby tells Ridge he tried not to upset Quist as he would have had his guts for garters.Ridge reminds him that someone will someday.

Back at the court a suitably defensive Doctor Patrick is now in the witness box being cross examined by the prosecuting solicitor. He explains to the court that he has never met Mrs. Norman, but he did operate on her baby about three months ago. When pushed on the treatment of her son Doctor Patrick reveals that he was attempting to treat him by repairing a diaphragmatic hernia. An anesthetist and a theatre sister who can be called to court to verify this assisted him in the operation. Under examination Doctor Patrick confirms that for this procedure, he had to open the chest of the baby. Unfortunately, the operation was not a success and the baby died on the operating table.

The Prosecution asks him if he removed the heart after the baby had died and after a brief pause he tells the court that it was not. Pressing the issue he is asked again if it was transplanted into the body of another child, which Doctor Patrick also denies. It transpires that the baby was cremated after the operation, but not under the advise of Doctor Patrick. Apparently, the baby's father approved this and two doctors signed the death certificate.

The prosecution rests and the defending solicitor takes the stand. Doctor Patrick confirms he operated on 17th October of last year at 10 a.m. and confirms the baby died 20 minutes later.
Doctor Patrick is then asked to confirm that his own son Giles was also a patient at the same time.

Doctor Patrick confirms that his son was also at St. Crispian's and he was given a successful heart transplant on the same day (October 17th) that baby Norman died. He denies it was the heart from baby Norman. When asked whose heart was given to his son, he refuses to say, as he believes it would be professionally improper. He confirms that the operation on his baby began at 2.30pm.

The defending solicitor tells the court that he isn't suggesting that Giles received baby Norman's heart, but asks Doctor Patrick to reassure the court that there is nothing in the fact that the date and time would suggest this, to which Doctor Patrick suggests that Mrs. Norman is having a neurotic fantasy and prompted by his solicitor he even goes as far as to suggest that Mrs. Norman is deranged. To this accusation Mrs. Norman is seen to be looking angry.

Back at Doomwatch Doctor Quist is busy working on nitrate concentration samples using the Doomwatch computer with Doctor Ridge. Quist is happy with the results from the machine but Ridge says he would still like a word with the farmer, but Quist tells him that they were not instructed by the Ministry of Agriculture and he leaves the Doomwatch computer room and goes into the general office where Toby Wren is sitting. Quist asks him how the baby-snatching investigation is going and Toby tells him there is nothing in it, just Doctor Patrick's bad luck (that the two unrelated events happened on the same day) and there were too many witnesses (to back up Doctor Patrick).

Quist tells him he would have put his reputation in the hands of the theatre's youngest nurse. Toby tells him that even the mortuary attendant was a witness. Toby tells Quist that a week after Mrs. Norman's baby died she was admitted to a mental hospital and has only just been discharged. Quist feels that this was too soon and thinks Mrs. Patrick would feel the same. He asks Toby what he thinks Mrs. Norman would have done with the baby and he tells Quist that it doesn't bear thinking about.

A new piece of information come to light in the fact that Mrs. Patrick is in fact divorced last year and she was the petitioner. Toby adds that even though he doesn't like Doctor Patrick he is satisfied with the outcome. Ridge appears at the doorway and in his typical joking way starts a line from Tom Brown's nursery rhyme "I do not like thee, Doctor Fell..."
Toby replies with "The reason why... my dog would bristle at first sight." Ridge follows this with "We do not employ bristling dogs in Doomwatch. Goodnight!" and then Quist leaves.

Toby tells Ridge that he no longer has a dog and Ridge offers to put in a word with his friend who has a litter of Bassett hounds to get a couple of guineas off one for him. Ridge thinks they are gorgeous things and jokes that he can't understand why infants don't look like them, if they want to be loved. Ridge waits for a reply from Toby, but he seems lost in thought and declines Ridge's offer. Ridge thinks he is still thinking about the Doctor Patrick case and asks him if he actually is satisfied and Toby reassures him that he is.

Mrs. Patrick is sitting in her home when she hears the a crashing sound from her sons room. She rushes into his room and sees that someone has thrown a brick through the window and she goes to comfort her son as he is now crying.

The next day at Doomwatch Toby is explaining to Quist in his office why Mrs. Patrick is at the office.

He tells Quist that she claims to know him. Toby was pointed out by Doctor Patrick to her and told her who he was. Quist asks him if he approached her and Toby says "Of course not". Quist eyeballs him and sits down. Toby admits that he did talk to a solicitor, who told him about the divorce and who he was and what he was doing. Toby asks if he should send her away and Quist is irritated as he thinks sending her and her "half brick" away will only make her think that they have something to hide and reluctantly asks Toby to get her in and get it over with. Toby goes to the door in the office, open it and calls her in and introducers her as Mrs. Sylvia Patrick. She thanks Quist for seeing her. Quist fires a direct question at her "Who's looking after the child?" Mrs. Patrick is a bit taken aback and tells him he is under police protection and a policewoman is looking after him at the moment, but she can't stay there forever. Quist asks her to sit down and Toby helpfully offers her a chair.

Quist reminds her that he wasn't in court and asks her if she was satisfied that her son was not given baby Norman's heart. Mrs. Patrick says she was. Quist tells her that Toby was too. She tells him that this wasn't the point, it was the Norman's that were not satisfied and she believes that it was one of the Norman family who threw a half brick through her window after seeing the look on her face in court.

During the conversation she reveals that after she had finished comforting Giles there was nobody to be seen outside and no evidence either. Quist reminds her that it is really a police matter and not a case for Doomwatch, but Mrs. Patrick tells him that the Norman's must be convinced. Quist asks her "How do you convince a mentally deranged woman?" Mrs. Patrick thinks that it was Mr Norman that was responsible for the half-brick and it is him that needs convincing. Quist tells her that they don't know it was Mr Norman and asks Mrs. Patrick what her relations are like with her ex-husband. Mrs. Patrick thinks Quist suggested it might be him, but he assures her he wasn't suggesting that, in any case Mrs. Patrick tells him although he might hate her, suggesting that she divorced him because he was cruel to her, he doesn't hate Giles and that Mr Patrick adores him. Mrs. Patrick tells them that there is a history of cardiac trouble in her family, and although not openly he blames her for the condition of his son. Mrs. Patrick reminds Quist that although her ex-husband is a scientist, it doesn't mean outside the lab he is more rational than anyone else. She says from the moment Giles was born Mr Patrick made her feel like she was the container that the goods came in.

After a moment Quist gives her his sympathy but can't see how Doomwatch can help her.
Mrs. Patrick says to Quist that she means to look into it just for her, but even though its clear to Toby she knows more information she won't say any more. Toby can't help himself and asks her if she is holding back. Quist jumps in annoyed by this and tells Toby that there is no point pressing Mrs. Patrick and as a hint to halt proceedings he gets up to leave, but Mrs. Patrick remains seated.
Quist sits back down, obviously defeated. Mrs. Patrick asks Toby if he felt that Mr Patrick was lying when he gave his evidence in court. Toby obviously didn't. Mrs. Patrick comes straight out with it and tells Quist that Mr Patrick was lying. There is silence while Quist formulates a reply. He isn't happy that Mrs. Patrick previously said that she believed his evidence. She explains that although everything Mr Patrick said in Court was the truth, he was still lying.
Quist asks her how she knows. She simply replies by telling him that they were married. "The bristling dog" Toby adds. Quist fires him an angry look. Mrs. Patrick is confused. Toby explains by telling her his hackles rose. Mrs. Patrick seems pleased. Toby expands on what Mrs. Patrick meant by asking her if Mr Patrick hasn't told the whole truth. Cryptically Mrs. Patrick says it is something like that, which one way or another is a lie.
Quist is obviously getting tired of this and attempts to interrupt her. Mrs. Patrick defends herself before Quist can get a word in. She tells him it's not women's intuition, and citing Toby as an example, she says that she wouldn't know if Toby was lying, but Quist would as he works with him. Mrs. Patrick says that the inflection of truth was to cover up an enormous lie.
At St. Crispian's Hospital Mr G William, the hospital secretary, is seated at his impeccably clean desk and is using on one of two telephones on it.

On the outside line telephone he is speaking to The Daily Mail. He is explaining to the reporter that without the relative's consent he cannot give out the information they are asking for and bids them Good Day.  He puts the phone back on the receiver and makes a note on a pad that it's the third time they have called. He then returns to work on an important looking document when he receives an internal call on the other telephone. He asks to speak to Dr Patrick, puts the receiver down and picks up the outside line telephone. He announces himself and confirms that he will keep the press at bay but asks D Patrick not to leave his receiver off, as he might want to call him.
At Doomwatch, Quist is still in his office with Toby and Mrs. Patrick. Toby wants to know where the lie is, but unhelpfully Mrs. Patrick tells him it’s all of what was said. Quist tells her she is being unhelpful. Toby surmises that as all the statements were true then it must the one statement he refused to make. He refused to say whose heart was given to Giles. Instead, Toby says that Dr Patrick he gave a formally acceptable reason for refusing to answer this and directly to Quist he says, "We've met those before".
Quist asks what he suggests they do. He isn't happy to just assuming there is another reason and witch hunting for it. Toby suggests that the witch-hunt has already begun because there are implicit lies in Doctor Patrick's evidence. Mrs. Patrick says she doesn't understand. Toby tells her that when heart transplants were rare. The press wanted to know the names of the donor, as there was such a great interest. Now, years on, they don't even bother enquiring. Mr Patrick says she knows this. Toby tells her that if it is suggested that the heart has been taken without permission, the Press will not rest until they know from whom it was stolen. Mrs. Patrick sees where he is going with this line of thinking, but tells him that the court believed Doctor Patrick's evidence. Toby reminds her that the court sit in week after week and year after year and they don't have to be married to a witness to know that he is lying.

He also reassures her that for the last 24 hours the press have been looking for the donor by searching the death certificates on October 17th and across Britain bereaved parents are being interviews and the name will be found. Quist agrees and gets up again for the final time. He tells her she is wasting her time and tells her to read tomorrows newspapers and assures her Giles will be safe. Mrs. Patrick agrees, thanks Quist and leaves with Toby showing her to the door.
In the Doomwatch computer room Ridge is busy working as Toby and Mrs. Patrick pass him and reach the outer door. Just before she leaves, she stops to ask Toby if the press find the other baby and he finishes her sentence by telling her it doesn't change the position and there were too nay untested hypotheses this morning. Mrs. Patrick is upset by this term of phrase and tells Toby that Giles is not an untested hypothesis, he is flesh and blood! And it's his flesh now!
The next day Ridge is in the general office and Mrs. Patrick runs through followed by Toby. Toby says, "Read all about it. All - or nothing.

It's night and Giles is asleep in his cot. Mrs. Patrick enters the room and gets into bed.
The next morning at Doomwatch Ridge is already at his desk with a Bassett Hound pup. Toby arrives with a big briefcase and hags up his coat and takes letters from the morning post and noticing Ridge he says "Morning John". Ridge tells him he's got a little surprise for him but Toby says he doesn't like surprises, especially first thing in the morning. Ridge tells him it is a nice one and produces the Bassett Hound Pup. Toby is obviously delighted and makes a bit of fuss of the dog. "Isn't he gorgeous!" says Ridge. Toby tells him its not on but Ridge tells Toby he thought he would like a morning with him, just to make up his mind. Toby is surprised at Ridge seeing as rumor had it that he is the James Bond of M.I.6 and he was supposed to have killed to men.

Ridge goes to the Doomwatch computer room and Toby follows him in. Ridge asks him if he ever heard of the story of a man call Fffoulkes. He hasn't. Ridge says someone asked him his name and he said "My name's Fffoulkes. Ridge is obviously setting up a joke and in a mock posh accent: "oh yes," says the other fellow, "One eff or two? "Three, my dear fellow, three" says Fffoulkes. Spencer Quist arrives and heads towards his office. Toby hands him yesterday's papers from his briefcase. Quist tells him he has the Sunday papers but Toby wants to show him the others like the People's world. Quist stops at his door. He says he saw them too but he knows there was nothing in them or in today’s papers. He is disappointed that even "The Muck Rakers have failed" and asks Toby to come in to his office. Quist rushes into his office and with a surprised look at Ridge he simply murmurs "The dog didn't bark in the night..." and follows Quist into his office. Quist also meant for Ridge to accompany him and Toby beckons to him through the still open door. Ridge appears with the puppy and Quist eyeballs it. Cheekily he says "He gets lonely. He'd whine". Quist demands all their attention. Quist accepts Toby's assessment of the press and their pertinacity, thoroughness, ingenuity and pursuit of the facts, if not the truth. Toby thanks him. Quist tells them both that if a fact is to be found they will find it fast, but they haven't found out who provided the heart. Toby thinks this is because the facts have been ingeniously hidden by people who are more persistent and thorough. Quist agrees and asks if he is to assume that this is the case. Its clear that in a u-turn, Quist now wants to Doomwatch to be involved as he now feels uneasy as the press have been investigating the story of the year, for over a week.

"An itch to be scratched?" Ridge adds. Everyone expects the dog to scratch on cue. Toby surmises that the hospital despite however isolationist they may be will tell them more than the press. Ridge agrees and thinks they would co-operate in order to hold them off and for discretion they would keep their traps shut. Quist says he intends to propose a limited formal enquiry and ask Toby to immediately investigate and he leaves.
Quist asks Ridge to investigate at the Ministry of Health. Ridge turns to leave grinning referring to the pup "He's not big enough for following any trail but his own. Quist reminds Ridge that it isn't a hunt and it certainly isn't hounding. This is a straightforward enquiry. Ridge says typically, "Of Course!"
At St Crispian’s G Williams is chastising Toby for turning up without telephoning first as he would have had the information ready on the desk. Toby suggests that for this matter he would probably be tired of answering the telephone. G William agrees and checks with Toby that he meant calls from the press. Toby agrees. G Williams seems surprised that they even pester Doomwatch. Toby says that they didn't and he was just jumping the gun as it was bound to be followed up by the press. G William's asks him why he didn't come last week, Toby tells him that he thought it best for formal enquiries to be made after the dust has settled describing the situation as a Mare's nest and G Williams agrees. As they are speaking a girl enters the hospital and puts some computer data printouts on G Williams desk. He thanks her and she leaves.   
Toby asks him if she has access. G William tells him that half a dozen people do, but smiling tells him it's coded. He hands the information from baby Patrick's case to Toby. Toby gives it a quick check over and agrees that it is indeed coded.
G William tells Toby that most of it is medical and only the donor would be of interest to him.  Toby points to the section and it simply says R.27. Toby asks what it means and G Williams tells him it means refer to Doctor Patrick. Toby thanks him for his help and leaves.
In Doctor Patrick's office the phone rings and he picks it up. It's The Echo newspaper and he tells them to refer all enquiries to the hospital secretary and spells out his name
At Doomwatch Quist and Ridge are looking at newspapers while Toby is at the door. When he comes in Quist eyeballs him. He tells them the documents he collected said refer to Doctor Patrick for the donor. Ridge chips in "Merry-go-round!". Toby agrees with him. Quist tells him that Ridge's visit to the Ministry of Health provided some interesting facts, particularly concerning the number of heart transplants and the number of donors. Ridge tells Toby that there were no names, but he didn't expect them, as it's not part of their records. Quist tells Toby he expected the Merry-go-round with the hospital, but what he didn't expect was the number of heart transplants and the number of donors doesn’t tally. Toby is surprised.
Ridge elaborates by telling Toby that there are more heart transplants than there were donors. Toby wants to know how they explain this, as he can understand if there were more donors than patients, as some of the hearts were not used.
Ridge tells him the man he interviewed said he couldn't explain this and he was given to understand that the computer was on the blink. Toby smells a rat with this information. Ridge continues to tell him the information would have been provided by lowly persons and not distinguished surgeons anyway. Toby asks him the time period in which the figures cover. Ridge says it covers three years. Quist is convinced the Ministry of Health knows what is going on but Toby feels although this is now obvious, that it’s not likely to be anything objectionable. Quist agrees but thinks the public might very well have a different view. Ridge also thinks it smells too.
Quist tells them that they must do what they are told and tells Toby that as he was referred to Doctor Patrick, that's what he should do. "The heart of the matter" Ridge quips. Toby leaves. After a minute Quist warns John to wait for formal channels first. "You drown in formal channels" Ridge replies. In response Quist tells him that Doomwatch has some buoyancy, obviously!"
Toby is with Doctor Patrick in his office. Toby is explaining to him that he is here on official business and asks him officially to tell him the name of the patient whose heart was given to his son. Doctor Patrick tells him it is none of his business. Toby is not happy and tells him that is not an answer and Doctor Patrick makes it quite clear for him and refuses to answer.
Toby apologizes for wasting his time, but before leaving asks Doctor Patrick if he can see his lab as he is in no hurry to get back to Doomwatch. Doctor Patrick refuses as he thinks Toby would be spying on them and offers to show him out, indicating by force if necessary.
At Doomwatch, Quist calls Ridge to his office after some careful thought. Quist knows Ridge is aware of the situation as it stands with Toby. Ridge knows what Quist wants from him. The Ministry of Health is not helping. Usually when a situation needs direct action, by force if necessary, Ridge is your man. Ridge is more than happy to oblige as he thinks it is time to get off the “merry-go-round” as he puts it. Ridge sets off to break into Doctor Patrick’s lab. Before he goes, Quist tells him to leave if he is discovered and not to cause trouble.
That night, Ridge is dressed in his spying clothes and climbs up the Victorian building that contains the room next to Doctor Patrick’s main lab. He breaks in through a window, switches on the lights and has a good snoop around. Ridge enters Doctor Patrick’s main lab. Ridge discovers two docile monkeys in cages. He notices some empty glass vessels in the room. He switches off the light and goes back into the outer lab. He notices a door with an “Infected Area” sign on it. He sniff’s the air before heading in.
Inside Doctor Patrick’s office Ridge has a good snoop around, checking behind pictures on the wall for a safe and trying to see if filing cabinets and desk drawers are locked. In one of the desk drawers and discovers some files inside which he examines becoming more engrossed as he reads. Meanwhile in the corridor outside the outer lab, Doctor Patrick enters and then heads straight for the lab containing the monkeys and has a quick look around. Outside Doctor Patrick has left the monkey room and decides to head for his office. As he enters he calls out “Evans…?” Ridge is discovered. Doctor Patrick is angry and demands to know who he is. Ridge comes straight out with the truth. Doctor Patrick realizes he has been rumbled and goes to his desk and sits down. Doctor Patrick is surprised that Ridge wasn’t more covert in his operation. He expected Ridge to have been snooping around with a torch instead of wearing one of the white lab coats with all the lights turned on. Ridge tells him that this way a wandering janitor wouldn’t have been alerted. Doctor Patrick asks Ridge what he is now going to do. Ridge says he is going to report back to Quist. Doctor Patrick tells Ridge he thinks that Quist is a self-righteous snooper and he will enjoy his report. Ridge tells nastily him he will enjoy it too. He swears at him and demands to know why Doctor Patrick decerebrated the monkeys. Doctor Patrick calmly tells Ridge that even monkey’s have the right to the brains they were born with. He even suggests that Quist should have sent Toby because at least he would have been clinical. Ridge is angry and tells him “ I’d like to decerebrate you!” Patrick tests him on this. Of course, Ridge doesn’t. Doctor Patrick defends his actions by telling Ridge that he is a father of a son and asks Ridge if he is to which Ridge doesn’t reply. Doctor Patrick tells him he gave his son a monkey’s heart.
The next day in Doomwatch’s computer room, Quist is thanking Mrs. Patrick for arriving so quickly. Mrs. Patrick says she practically ran whilst leaving Giles in care with a sort of bodyguard. As she is taken into Quist’s office she explains that the bodyguard is actually a neighbour with an Alsatian. Quist approves, but feels such actions won’t be necessary in the future. Quist explains that he can now convince the Norman family that Giles doesn’t have their deceased son’s heart, as he knows where it came from. Mrs. Patrick is very relieved to hear this news. She asks if she can be told where the heart came from. Quist tells her she does not need to know and the matter has been examined in Doctor Patrick’s presence by Ridge. She is annoyed that her husband hadn’t told her this news himself. Quist assures her that he will in due course and with that he gets up to politely show her it’s time to leave. Before leaving he asks her not to press him for this information. Before she leaves she thanks him for his help. Quist tells her, that Doomwatch aims to please but isn’t always successful. Quist asks Pat through the intercom to show Mrs. Patrick out. As she leaves his face falls, as he knows the truth. He decides to call Toby and Ridge into his office.

Quist tells them that now he has spoken to Mrs. Patrick that part of the investigation is closed. Ridge agrees that he is still not satisfied with the overall outcome. He reminds them that Doctor Patrick has displayed a complete disregard for life. Toby disagrees with him claiming that Ridge is being sentimental just because the experiments have been carried out on animal with a recognizable face and tells him that no one would care if they changed the genetic structure of an earthworm and reminds him to look at it scientifically. Ridge counters this by claiming that no human heart would ever be used to save a monkey and Doctor Patrick had no right to play God, deciding which animals live and die.
Toby then makes the case that a Pig bred for market matches the size of the oven it is cooked in and Toby asks what Ridge’s conscience has been doing since the day he was old enough to hold a knife and fork. Ridge tells him that has nothing to do with it and he is about to continue arguing with Toby when Quist tries to step in. Ridge is clearly wound up and tells Quist that if scientists continue to act like God they must also accept God’s moral responsibilities. Toby appears unshaken by the argument. Ridge controls himself while Quist asks them to consider what Doctor Patrick has done. Quist tells them that Doctor Patrick has transplanted seven monkey hearts successfully into humans and achieved a 20th century scientific breakthrough by doing it. He has done this by adapting tissue culture fluids enabling any surgeon to attempt to transplant these hearts successfully. Toby thinks he could win a Nobel Prize and Quist wants to know why he hasn’t yet published this breakthrough. He chastises John by telling him he did “a rotten job” as he let his emotions get in the way and so, stopped looking for more evidence and demands a report in the morning. Ridge suddenly realizes what he means by this accusation and remembers the other door at the lab…
That night, Ridge is again breaking into Doctor Patrick’s lab. This time though, he is using a torch to find his way around. Ridge gains access to the door in question by using a piece of celluloid to push back the tongue in the Yale lock. It works. He enters slowly and the bleeping of sound like a heart can be heard. A flashing green lamp at the other end of what is, a really dark room, accompanies this. Ridge approaches the machine.

Suddenly, out of the dark Doctor Patrick speaks in German.

“Ein herrlich Werk ist gleich zustand gebracht!”

Ridge turns around and answers “ A noble work… on the point of accomplishment?”

Doctor Patrick corrects him and tells him that it is actually accomplished. He wants to know if Ridge is Faust or Mephistopheles. Doctor Patrick rises from his seat and tells Ridge he has been expecting him, as he knew Quist smelt a rat. He takes the opportunity to remind Ridge that is why Quist is the boss and he is an understrapper and asks what Quist wants to know. Ridge deflects this question and asks what is inside the hatch with the pacemaker attached. Doctor Patrick takes a key from a chain around his neck and opens it to show Ridge a living eight month old male human foetus conceived in vitro, inside in an artificial womb. Ridge wants to know why Doctor Patrick hasn’t published this amazing achievement. Doctor Patrick reminds Ridge that he didn’t get further than the top drawer of his filing cabinet…

Doctor Patrick tells Ridge that a transplanted monkey heart only lasts ten years in a human patient and his first patient is now dying. Ridge takes it all in. Doctor Patrick explains that the human foetus is going to be used to give his son a new heart in ten years time… (obviously a more permanent solution that no scientist would ever condone).

Ridge can’t believe that he is prepared to kill a ten year old boy to save his own son. Doctor Patrick doesn’t see the growing foetus as a person and tells Ridge he is nothing more than an artifact. Ridge works out his reasoning and comes to the shocking conclusion that Doctor Patrick has decerebrated the growing foetus. He explains that the child won’t even have a mind, just basic cerebral functions and “Enough for the job”. Ridge is horrified and wants to leave and heads for the main door. Doctor Patrick asks him to leave through the window, like the thief he is. As he moves towards the door Doctor Patrick follows him. Ridge says, “You call me a thief!” referring to Doctor Patrick’s horrifying work.
The next day Mrs. Patrick is back in Quist’s office at Doomwatch. He explains some of the sensitive situation to her, but believes she is better not getting all the information second hand and after her request he agrees to go with her to Doctor Patrick’s lab. Quist wonders where in whom Mrs. Patrick’s loyalty lies.
In the general office Ridge and Toby are discussing Doctor Patrick. Ridge thinks Doctor Patrick was sick enough to use his own sperm to create the foetus. Basically, first adultery then infanticide. They wonder how he would have care for the decerebrated boy for ten years. Toby can’t help to be impressed by his achievement and thinks Ridge’s involvement has clouded his scientific judgement. Ridge is not swayed by Toby’s argument.
Later, at Doctor Patrick’s lab, Doctor Patrick is showing his wife the hatch containing the foetus. Doctor Patrick explains to his wife that the growing foetus has no intelligence. She is horrified by what Doctor Patrick has created. She accuses him of maiming the child’s intelligence and is shocked by his plans to murder it. Quist is unimpressed too. Mrs. Patrick tells her husband that he can’t go through with murder, to which he replies to that or to Giles his son.

Mrs. Patrick reminds him that Giles is her son too. Doctor Patrick asks Quist to take her wife away as he only cares for his son and to have a think about what he is doing. He compares the killing to that of killing lambs to feed their son and sees no difference. Mrs. Patrick is unhappy and hopes that in ten years there will be some other way of helping Giles.

Patrick asks her if she is prepared to let his son’s life depend upon chance.

Quist says “Why not?” as he believes in the sanctity of chance.

Doctor Patrick reminds him that Giles isn’t his son and he is just seeing things from a scientific stance. Quist tells him that life is sacred and scientists should respect that. He asks what Doctor Patrick would do if his son died tomorrow, to which he replies “Nothing” he would carry on his work. Quist tells him that this isn’t a noble cause and asks Doctor Patrick to finish his work by killing the foetus and publishing his work. Doctor Patrick seizes the opportunity and encourages Quist to take the opportunity to do so, presenting him with the box that controls the pace-maker. Quist looks at the switch but does nothing. He tells Doctor Patrick that it isn’t his job find the answers and make the decisions. He says he will report to the ministers. Doctor Patrick offers him the key to the unit again asking him to carry his burden but Quist ignores it. Mrs. Patrick asks her husband to give it to her. Her hand goes for the key very slowly while the only noise in the room is the bleeping of the pacemaker…

Synopsis by Scott Burditt

As the first series of Doomwatch was launched, Friday’s Child was described by the show’s co-creator Dr Kit Pedler as “the story closest to home”. It starts as a case of suspected murder, builds to a mystery, then ends as a scientific Horror story. Pedler continues: “In that one, we moved into the field of producing animal hearts which cannot be rejected by human tissue. I know that may sound all right — but... there’s a horrifying twist in it.”

As the Radio Times of the era observed, while the episode was being broadcast, Dr Patrick Steptoe of Oldham General Hospital successfully produced the world’s first test tube baby. “We thought this up as a warning,” Pedler told the press. “If this technique were perfected, a general, for instance, might be able to order 100,000 troops to be produced. The possibilities would be terrifying.”

The theme of Doomwatch was explained by Pedler’s creative partner Gerry Davis. “The days when you and I marvelled at the ‘miracles’ of science — and writers made fortunes out of Sci-Fi — are over. We’ve grown up now, and we’re frightened. The findings of science are still marvellous, but now is the time to stop dreaming up Science Fiction about them and write what we call ‘sci-fact’. The honeymoon of science is over.”

The episode entered production in TC3 at BBC Television Centre on Friday 9th January 1970. The first studio day was occupied with a camera rehearsal throughout the afternoon and evening. This continued on Saturday 10th January, with the story being recorded in the evening between 19:30 and 22:00. Due to budget limitations, writer Harry Green gave directions in his script asking for modest sets for the court room sequence; all that was required was a witness box, the solicitor’s area plus a section of the public area.

A very limited amount of filming was achieved before the studio days. This consisted of the pre-credits sequence (duration two minutes, six seconds), two short sequences inside the Patrick household (duration: thirty-nine seconds and one minute four seconds) and a shot of Ridge breaking into Dr Patrick’s laboratory (duration: forty-nine seconds).

Although broadcast as episode two, Friday’s Child was actually made after The Plastic Eaters (28th and 29th November 1969), Burial at Sea (9th and 10th December 1969) and Tomorrow the Rat (19th and 20th December 1969).

The production was directed by Paul Ciappessoni, a man who had worked in BBC Drama during the Sixties. His previous credits include the first season Adam Adamant episodes: Allah is Not Always With You, The Terribly Happy Embalmers and The Doomsday Plan. By the time he came to direct Friday’s Child, he had already helmed The Plastic Eaters, and would later direct Re-Entry Forbidden. Ciappessoni chose his own son Sam to play Giles Patrick in this story.

Background by Richard Houldsworth in TV Zone 43 June 1993


Project Numbers: 02249/4082

Camera Rehearsals: Friday 9th January 1970 (included some overtime) between 2.00pm and 6.30pm with an hours break then continued from 7.30pm to 10.00pm (TK-22)

Telerecorded: Saturday 10th January 1970 onto tape VTC/6HT/56829/ED/D
Between 10.00pm and 10.30pm some work on The Plastic Eaters filming was also done on this day.

Editing: Monday 12th January during the morning from 10.30am to 1.00pm, while the evening of that day was used to complete editing on the debut story between 4.00pm and 7.00pm.



If someone whispers 'He steals hearts' don't go all sentimental. It may be meant literally. As heart transplants increase spares may become scarce.
An agonised woman in “Doomwatch” (BBC1)believed her baby's heart had been stolen for another child.
Suspicion deepened when it turned out that the doctor who operated on her dead baby was the father of a child who had a heart transplant with the donor unknown.
Doomwatch guardians of public safety, felt the doctor might be up to some monkey business. They were right. The heart actually came from a monkey.


A monkey's heart in a human is only good for ten years, it appears, and in the programme's big horror moment we learned that the doctor had created a test tube baby to provide another heart for his son when the time came.
The prop department came up with a very impressive living and breathing giant foetus.
Highly surgical stuff for a thriller. and the programme asked questions is it right to chop up monkeys for science? Is it ethical to breed brainless children to provide spare parts?
I'm all in favour of light entertainment delivering food for thought but these were rather weighty moral problems.
You're on the right lines, chaps, but don't try to compete too strongly with the Television Doctor. 

Newspaper article is by Gerard Garrett With thanks to Michael Seely and Andrew Wilson


Dr. Spencer Quist

Dr. John Ridge (appears on film)

Tobias Wren
Doctor Baring Patrick

Mrs. Sylvia Patrick (appears on film)

G William
Prosecuting Solicitor

Defending Solicitor

Mrs. Norman (appears on film)

Passer-by (appears on film)

Shopkeeper (appears on film)

Detective Sergeant


Series devised by

Music composed by

Film Cameraman

Sound Recordist

Film Editor

Visual Effects

Studio Lighting

Studio Sound

Script Editor



Directed by

Uncredited Cast

Giles Patrick (appears on film)

Mr Norman (Saturday 10th January only)

Secretary (Saturday 10th January only)

Three Male Magistrates (Saturday 10th January only)

One Female Magistrate (Saturday 10th January only)

Two Male Clerks of Court (Saturday 10th January only)

Three Men in Court (Saturday 10th January only)
Two Women in Court (Saturday 10th January only)


Uncredited Crew

Assistant to Producer

Production Assistant

Assistant Floor Manager


Floor Assistant

Costume Supervisor
Make-up Supervisor

T.M.1 (Studio Lighting)


Sound Supervisor

Vision Mixer



9.40PM - 10.30PM

Working title

Film Sequences Used
BBC SPECIALLY SHOT Footage: 225' sound 16mm

MAX HARRIS ENSEMBLE Signature (Beg. and End) 55 seconds

Jungle Soul (Jack Arel, Jean Claude Petit)
Jean Claude Petit and his Orchestra - Chappall DMM 306 36 seconds

With thanks to John Archbold for the Radio Times cover.

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  1. Fascinating. The conservatism displayed is rather amazing though. The world really did look different in 1970! And writing-wise, the contrast with S2E1 'You Killed Toby Wren' and the chicken and monkey is very interesting - since in that case we are supposed to assume that Ridge is still in the wrong: yet the cases could not be more different.
    Doesn't change the facts though - this series was brilliant and no episodes should ever have been lost!