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Director FRANK COX

Frank Cox
Born 28 May 1940

Frank Cox was a British Director from the 1960s to the 1980s. Frank Cox studied English at University of Leeds where he graduated in 1962. He didn't get into RADA, but managed to get a job as a floor assistant at BBC. He was then offered a position on the BBC's training course for directors. Among his first assignments were three episodes of the first season of Doctor Who and the Doomwatch story Hear No Evil.

Doomwatch Filmography

Hear No Evil (1970) TV episode


C.A.T.S. Eyes (1985) TV series (producer) (unknown episodes, 1985)

Escape (producer) (6 episodes, 1980)

Banned (1980) TV episode (producer)

The Cartland Murder (1980) TV episode (producer)

Alfred Hinds (1980) TV episode (producer)

Kim Philby (1980) TV episode (producer)

Hijack to Mogadishu (1980) TV episode (producer)
(1 more unknown)

Spy! (producer) (6 episodes, 1980)
Cynthia (1980) TV episode (producer)
The Venlo Incident (1980) TV episode (producer)
The Tokyo Ring (1980) TV episode (producer)
The Murder Machine (1980) TV episode (producer)
Camp 020 (1980) TV episode (producer)
(1 more unknown)

Take the High Road (1984, 1989-1991) TV series (producer) (unknown episodes) ... aka "High Road" (UK: new title)

Sutherland's Law (producer) (1 episode, 1975)
The End of the Good Times (1975) TV episode (producer)


Play for Today (1 episode, 1981)
PQ17 (1981) TV episode

Centre Play (1 episode, 1977)
Auntie Kathleen's Old Clothes (1977) TV episode
Warship (1973) TV series (unknown episodes)
Sutherland's Law (1973) TV series (unknown episodes)
The View from Daniel Pike (2 episodes, 1973)
None So Blind (1973) TV episode
Credit Where It's Due (1973) TV episode
Paul Temple (1 episode, 1971)
Catch Your Death (1971) TV episode
The First Lady (1 episode, 1968)
Counter Claim (1968) TV episode
The Revenue Men (2 episodes, 1967)
A Man Takes a Drink (1967) TV episode
Swallowtale (1967) TV episode
The Troubleshooters (1965) TV series (unknown episodes)
aka Mogul (USA)

Doctor Who (3 episodes, 1964)
The Edge of Destruction (Episode two)
A Desperate Venture (1964) TV episode
Doctor Who - The Sensorites

Kidnap (1964) TV episode (Episode five)
The Brink of Disaster (1964) TV episode  (Episode 6)

As Himself

Doctor Who - Inside the Spaceship (2006)
Over the Edge (2006)

Frank Cox Director
Doctor Who -A still from Inside the spaceship

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