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Hugh David
Born July 17, 1925 – Died September 11,1987

Hugh David was an actor turned television director. He was born in Aberystwyth, Wales. His directorial credits include Compact, Z Cars, The Pallisers and Doctor Who, for which he directed two stories in the Patrick Troughton era. While still an actor in the early 1960s, he had actually turned down the leading role in Doctor Who when it was offered to him by his friend, the producer Rex Tucker. David later stated that as he had recently starred in the Granada Television series Knight Errant and disliked the high public profile it brought him, he was not keen to take on another leading role.

Doomwatch Filmography

You Killed Toby Wren (1970) TV episode

(one sequence: pre-titles reprise from previous episode)

Survival Code (1970) TV episode

Other Filmography

Sophia and Constance

Episodes 2 to 6 (1988) TV episode

(1 more)

Grange Hill

Christmas Special (1981) TV episode

Une maison, une histoire

Wellington (1980) TV episode

Of Mycenae and Men (1979) (TV)

The Clifton House Mystery

Episode 1.1 (1978) TV episode

Episode 1.2 (1978) TV episode

Centre Play

The Sniffler and the Pug (1977) TV episode

Boy Dominic

Beyond Gravity (1976) TV episode

Twenty Years Ago (1976) TV episode

The Hunter (1976) TV episode

Hangman's Hollow (1976) TV episode

Luke's Kingdom (1976) TV mini-series

Dominic (1976) TV mini-series (unknown episodes)

Beryl's Lot

Easy Pickings (1975) TV episode

The Pallisers

Episodes 12 to 16 (1974) TV episodes

(9 more)

Cranford (4 episodes, 1972)

Episodes 1 to 4 (1972) TV episodes

Clouds of Witness

Episodes 1 to 5 (1972) TV episodes

Thirty-Minute Theatre

Uncle Rollo (1972) TV episode

Lilly: Part 2 (1970) TV episode

Lilly: Part 1 (1970) TV episode

A Time of Wolves and Tigers (1967) TV episode

Wives and Daughters

Marriages (1971) TV episode

Sisters (1971) TV episode

Rivals (1971) TV episode

The Daughters (1971) TV episode

The Bride (1971) TV episode

(1 more)

Trial (1971) TV series

(unknown episodes)

Jude the Obscure

Christminster Again (1971) TV episode

To Aldbrickham (1971) TV episode

To Shaston (1971) TV episode

To Melchester (1971) TV episode

To Christminster (1971) TV episode

(1 more)

Christ Recrucified (1969) TV mini-series

The Expert

The Gun That Walked (1969) TV episode

The Visitor: Part 2 - Hard Facts (1969) TV episode

The Man in the Iron Mask

The Fortress (1968) TV episode

The Iron Mask (1968) TV episode

The Traitor (1968) TV episode

The Two Kings (1968) TV episode

The Cage Bird (1968) TV episode

(4 more)

Doctor Who

Fury from the Deep - Episodes 2 to  6 (1968) TV episode

(5 more)

The Further Adventures of the Musketeers

Rebellion (1967) TV episode

The Boy King (1967) TV episode

Abduction (1967) TV episode

Peril (1967) TV episode

Conflict (1967) TV episode

(3 more)

199 Park Lane (1965) TV series

(unknown episodes)

Compact (1962) TV series

(unknown episodes)

Z Cars (1962) TV series

(unknown episodes)


Zero One

And One to Go (1965) TV episode

Played Jackson Bentley


Souvenir (1963) TV episode

Played Charles Exelmans

Richard the Lionheart

The Lord of Kerak (1962) TV episode

Played 1st Knight

Knight Errant Limited

The Elopement (1961) TV episode

Uncle Freddy's Wings (1961) TV episode

The Colonel's Ladies (1961) TV episode

Tall, Dark Stranger (1961) TV episode

The Voodoo Danger (1961) TV episode

(33 more)

Played Stephen Drummond

Tarnished Heroes (1961)

Played Hoyt

Armchair Theatre

After the Funeral (1960) TV episode

Played Morgan Roberts

How Green Was My Valley

The National School (1960) TV episode

The New Minister (1960) TV episode

The First Rift (1960) TV episode

Played Owen Morgan

BBC Sunday-Night Theatre

A Father and His Son (1959) TV episode

Arrow to the Heart (I) (1952) TV episode

Played Gwyn Owen

The Supreme Secret (1958)

Dixon of Dock Green

No Place Like Home (1957) TV episode

Played Percy

The Buccaneers

Captain Dan Tempest (1956) TV episode

The Raiders (1956) TV episode

Blackbeard (1956) TV episode

Played Crewman Benjy

Reach for the Sky (1956) (uncredited) .... Cadet Taylor


Boy Dominic (producer) (8 episodes, 1976)

Beyond Gravity (1976) TV episode (producer)

Twenty Years Ago (1976) TV episode (producer)

Lucy and Harriet (1976) TV episode (producer)

The Brotherhood (1976) TV episode (producer)

The Crypt (1976) TV episode (producer)

(3 more)

Dominic (1976) TV mini-series (producer) (unknown episodes)
Hugh David Director

Doomwatch Director Hugh David

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