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Lennie Mayne
Born ???? - Died 20th May 1977

Lennie Mayne was an Australian television director, who started out as a dancer before becoming a choreographer and then spent much of his career working in British television earning directing credits on programmes such as The Troubleshooters and Vendetta.

Familiar to Doomwatch and to Doctor Who, he directed 5 Doomwatch serials between 1971-1972. Lennie Mayne tragically drowned at sea on 20th May 1977. He was married to the actress Frances Pidgeon, who was cast in the role of Miss Jackson in Doctor Who story The Hand of Fear.

Doomwatch Filmography

In the Dark (1971)
The Inquest (1971)
Public Enemy (1971)
Cause of Death (1972)
High Mountain (1972)

Other Filmography

The Onedin Line"(3 episodes, 1976-1977)

When Troubles Come (1977) TV episode

Uncharted Island (1976) TV episode

Undercurrent (1976) TV episode

Warship(1973) TV series

(unknown episodes)

Doctor Who

The Curse of Peladon (1972),

The Three Doctors (1972),

The Monster of Peladon (1974)

The Hand of Fear (1976).

The Brothers (1972) TV series

(unknown episodes)

Brett (1971) TV series

(unknown episodes)

"The Troubleshooters" (1 episode, 1969)

... aka Mogul (USA)

 You're Not Going to Believe This, But... (1969) TV episode

"The Borderers" (1968) TV series

(unknown episodes)

"The First Lady" (1968) TV series

(unknown episodes)
Lennie Mayne Director

Doomwatch - In the Dark
Starring Patrick Troughton

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