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Paul Ciappessoni
Born 9th July 1929 - Died 7th October 2008

Paul Ciappessoni was born on 9th July 1929 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England, and died 7th October 2008 inValencia, Spain, Paul was also known as Paul Machell

Doomwatch Filmography

Re-Entry Forbidden (1970) TV episode
Friday's Child (1970) TV episode
The Plastic Eaters (1970) TV episode

Other Filmography


Juliet Bravo (5 episodes, 1980-1984)

Work Force (1984) TV episode
Lost and Found (1984) TV episode
A Breach of the Peace (1982) TV episode
Heat (1982) TV episode
The Draughtsman (1980) TV episode
The District Nurse (3 episodes, 1984)
Episodes 1.1 to 1.3 (1984) TV episode

Bergerac (1 episode, 1983)
A Perfect Recapture (1983) TV episode
A Chance to Sit Down (1981) (TV)
... aka Love Story: A Chance to Sit Down (UK: series title)

BBC2 Playhouse (1 episode, 1981)
You're All Right, How Am I? (1981) TV episode

Shoestring (2 episodes, 1979-1980)
The Farmer Had a Wife (1980) TV episode
The Partnership (1979) TV episode

Breakaway (6 episodes, 1980)
... aka Breakaway: The Family Affair (UK: first part title)
... aka Breakaway: The Local Affair (UK: second part title)

The Family Affair: Parts 2 to 6 (1980) TV episode
(1 more)

A Horseman Riding By (1978) TV series
(unknown episodes)

An Englishman's Castle (3 episodes, 1978)
Episodes 1.1 to 1.3 (1978) TV episodes

The Onedin Line (2 episodes, 1971-1977)
The Hostage (1977) TV episode
Plain Sailing(1971) TV episode
Jubilee (2 episodes, 1977)
No Name, No Pack Drill (1977) TV episode
Ramsey (1977) TV episode
When the Boat Comes In" (4 episodes, 1976)
Kind Hearted Rat with a Lifebelt (1976) TV episode
King for a Day (1976) TV episode
Empire Day on the Slag Heap (1976) TV episode
Fish in Woolly Jumpers (1976) TV episode

Centre Play (1 episode, 1975)
Hoodwink (1975) TV episode

Angels (1975) TV series
(unknown episodes)

Barlow at Large (2 episodes, 1974)
... aka Barlow (UK title)
Snookered (1974) TV episode
Snatch (1974) TV episode

Bedtime Stories (1974) TV series
(unknown episodes)

Sutherland's Law (1973) TV series
(unknown episodes)

Dead of Night (1972) TV series
(unknown episodes)

Thirty-Minute Theatre (1 episode, 1972)
An Arrow for Little Audrey (1972) TV episode

Brett (2 episodes, 1971)
For Political and Public Services (1971) TV episode
The Ruined Valley (1971) TV episode
Paul Temple (2 episodes, 1969)
Which One of Us Is Me? (1969) TV episode
Message from a Dead Man (1969) TV episode

The Expert (4 episodes, 1968-1969)
Post-Mortem on Harry Kirby (1969) TV episode
Protection (1969) TV episode
Nice Day (1968) TV episode
It Can't Be Done (1968) TV episode

The Troubleshooters (1 episode, 1969)
... aka "Mogul" (USA)

There's This Bird, See... (1969) TV episode

The First Lady (1 episode, 1968)
Mrs. Whatever (1968) TV episode
King of the River (1 episode, 1966)
Susanna Goes Fishing (1966) TV episode
Adam Adamant Lives! (3 episodes, 1966)
The Doomsday Plan (1966) TV episode
The Terribly Happy Embalmers (1966) TV episode
Allah Is Not Always with You (1966) TV episode

The Spies (3 episodes, 1966)
If I Can't Win, I Don't Pay (1966) TV episode
There's Only One End for Traitors (1966) TV episode
He Isn't on the Market - Not This Year (1966) TV episode
Dr. Finlay's Casebook (4 episodes, 1965-1966)
The Anxious Man (1966) TV episode
They Do It in Africa (1966) TV episode
The Draper of Dumfries (1965) TV episode
The Phantom Piper of Tannochbrae (1965) TV episode

Paul Ciappessoni Director
Doomwatch - The Plastic Eaters

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