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Elwyn Jones
Born 19 December 1923 – Died May 19, 1982

Elwyn Jones was a British television writer and producer.

He helped to create Z Cars, the famous Mersey police BBC TV drama series which started in 1962 series along with Robert Barr for Troy Kennedy Martin,

There were thirteen series of police drama Z Cars over 16 years, named after its Ford Zephyr patrol vehicles. A total of 799 episodes were made, of which 467 are missing believed wiped. As the constables, Colin Welland, Brian Blessed, James Ellis, Joseph Brady and Jeremy Kemp became household names, plus Stratford Johns as Det. Chief Inspector Barlow, and Frank Windsor as Det. Chief Supt. Watt. Clips show the first episode, Four of a Kind (02/01/1962) and A Place of Safety (24/06/1964), the series three episode repeated in 1992 as part of a BBC2 race issues season.

Elwyn Jones was A prolific television drama writer from the early 1960s up until the late 1970s. From 1963 to 1966 he was Head of Drama Series at the BBC and under Head of Drama Group Sydney Newman, the first person to hold that post after Newman divided the drama group into Series, Serials and Plays divisions. In 1966 he co-wrote with Gerry Davis the script for the Doctor Who serial The Highlanders.

Doomwatch hears that in South Wales, tough ex-miners have taken to drinking gin instead of their usual beer, and are unresponsive to their wives’ sexual advances, instead preferring to attend secret cock-fighting tournaments. After Quist is asked by the minister to look into the situation, as it is happening within his constituency, he and his team trace the cause to the local fish-farm, which is using a special chemical to dissolve the bones in the fish. Unfortunately, this has led to the workforce and anyone eating the fish to become sterile...

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