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RIP Simon Oates (1932-2009)

Simon Oates (1932-2009) Actor Simon Oates, best known to Doomwatch fans for his role as Dr John Ridge, who had a long and successful career in television and on the stage has died on Wednesday morning after a long illness. Simon guest starred in several ITC series: Ghost Squad Man in a Suitcase Department S The Professionals Jason King In the Avengers,he also made two memorable guest appearances, in the episodes You Have Just Been Murdered and The Super Secret Cypher Snatch, as well as playing John Steed in the stage version of the series with Sue Loyd in 1971 and later an appearance in The New Avengers. 
In his long career Simon was considered for the role of James Bond! He also featured in Beasts - ATV (1.5 The Dummy tx 19.11.76) News of Simon Oates death courtesy of Copyright Alan Hayes

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