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Doomwatch, sadly is a casualty of the mass junking of television that was standard practice in the 1970's. I have just discovered a fascinating website you may want to check out. WIPED is a news and features-based site dedicated to the recovery and restoration of missing UK television and radio programmes run by Anthony Harvison.
Since the advent of TV and radio back in the 1920s, there have many classic programmes produced that have entertained and informed viewers and listeners.
Sadly, many of these gems no longer reside in the archives. They were junked, or the tapes wiped and re-used, to save room and money for the broadcasters. For example, the BBC erased countless hours of its black and white output in the early 1970s because it saw no further commercial use for such material in the age of colour TV.
Hancock’s Half Hour; Dad’s Army: Z-Cars; Doctor Who and many, many more shows were lost this way – seemingly forever.
Thankfully, some of these treasures survived the purges and over the years have been restored to the archives. Others remain in the wilderness and for those shows the hunt continues.
Even today missing TV and radio shows – some lost for more than 50 year – are still being found. WIPED will chronicle these exciting discoveries and examine the technological advances that are allowing old shows to been restored and enjoyed by a new generation.
Above all, WIPED will pay tribute to the men and women who dedicate their time to these selfless pursuits.
If you think you can help out, please visit
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