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Stills taken from Season 2 "You Killed Toby Wren" (above)

Still taken from Season 1 "The Plastic Eaters" (above)

The Bikini Bomb (above)

The Nagasaki Bomb (above)
Can anyone identify all three Nuclear blasts shots that were seen on the wall in Quist's Office? I have identified 2 out of 3. See pictures above. I am looking to identify the third image. Please contact this site if you can help.
Also, below is a video I have found from Youtube showing you the Bikini Hydrogen Bomb in its original form from the Doomwatch titles from the link below. I believe a second nuclear video may have been used, but i cannot identify it. The position of the Nuclear blasts seems to change on an episodic basis though!!
Does anyone know if Alan Jeapes (The original titles creator) can help out?

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