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Can YOU help us to fund our new fan produced DOOMWATCH film project?

At we are currently working on a film shoot of our fan written story "The Plastic Rain" We are working on a very tight budget and need your help and support!

How you can help....

This project has been made possible by voluntary work. All involved are giving up their spare time to help build this project for no payment. We have been luck enough to secure the services of legendary actor BRIAN GORMAN playing Adam Quist and a small dedicated film crew.

On this page is a Paypal donation button. Please give whatever you can to support us. As this is a donation to support this project, you will receive an on-screen credit the end of the film.

If your an aspiring actor that can spare any free time to be a part of the production which is going to be filmed in and around Manchester and parts of Chester then please get in touch with as soon as possible!

Show your support and help keep the DOOMWATCH project alive. PLEASE NOTE: This is a non profit making production and any funds left at the end of the filming will be donated to a local charity of our choosing.


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  1. I am a serious composer and orchestrator with work in films, TV and Theatre and a CD with the London Chamber Orchestra etc. 3 years ago, I was working on a video game score which ran to about 2 hours total of orchestral score. The game, however, got shelved due to programmer and budget problems and the score never got out the box. I did get paid for the score but it still needs an airing. I would be happy to let you use some of it for library music for a Doomwatch production. I don't want money just a clear credit in the end titles. I am an old fan of the original series and only just now discovered this briliant site, and it would be an honour to attach my name to the series even in this indirect manner.

    If you are interseted in hearing this music it's on my 'myspace' page. Scroll down to the yellowish REVERBNATION player. the six tracks here are for use but there is another hour at least of similar material.

    If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is:
    currie(put the @ sign here)

    you must replace the bracketed part with the '@' symbol by hand. (this is to avoid 'google-spiders' sending me spam).

    Thanks and well done,
    Fergus Currie