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"Doomwatch', one of the most popular television drama series of recent years, returns for a new thirteen-week series on Monday December 14.
When the first series was shown the terms 'technological hazard' and 'environmental pollution' were little known. It can be justly claimed that 'Doomwatch' not only gave a word to the language but also helped draw attention to the great ecological hazards that threaten the human race.

The programme will continue to do this through its prime function which is to entertain. Quist and his team are the contemporary counterparts of St. George. Quist's dragon spouts more than fire and brimstone but the conflict is the same.

The first story is 'You Killed Toby Wren' by Terence Dudley. When Wren is killed while dismantling the 'Byfield' bomb, Quist is held responsible in that he failed to obey orders and obstructed the police. The Minister sees this as a chance of removing the thorn in his side and orders a Tribunal of Inquiry. Ridge, who also blames Quist for Wren's death, pursues a line on human/animal hybrids and is profoundly shocked by what he discovers. Will he speak for or against Quist at the crucial enquiry?

As in the first series, John Paul plays Quist, Simon Oates plays Ridge and Joby Blanshard plays Colin Bradley. Two new characters are introduced - John Nolan as Geoff Hardcastle and Vivien Sherrard as Barbara Mason - and  the guest stars are John Barron, Donald Morley, Edward Underdown and Macdonald Hobley.

Devised by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis. Produced and directed by Terence Dudley.

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