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DOOMWATCH Director Pennant Roberts has died aged 69

Welsh Director and Producer Pennant Roberts has died. He directed the Doomwatch Season 3 episodes "Waiting for a Knighthood" (Episode 4, 1972, one of only three that still exist from Season 3) and "Enquiry" (Episode 8, 1972) which is currently listed as missing in the BBCtv archives. He was a well known director of many classic British TV shows from the 70s and 80s, notably Doctor Who, Softly, Softly, Sutherland's Law, The Onedin Line, The original version of Survivors, Blake's 7, Juliet Bravo, The Professionals, Tenko, Angels and Howards' Way.

In the BBC 4 2007 Documentary "The Cult of... Doomwatch", Pennant had this to say about his time on the show referring to Terence Dudley's Season 3's Episode 4,story "Waiting for a Knighthood":-

"We were putting a case that you should have some call for unleaded petrol, now this met with huge resistance from the oil companies that we were talking purely off the top of our heads and you could never have unleaded petrol because the two work together like hand in glove and of course they then got the backing of the government who in turn tried to warn us away from this issue.

I think that the different relationship between the BBC and the government of the day and I think the BBC took its responsibilities quite seriously, it would therefore would not have been deflected by the fact that under secretaries of state were trying to interfere with the making of the programme, in fact it probably would have indicated they must have been on the right track.

It’s quite good to look back and think, well maybe we did our little bit then in establishing unleaded petrol, not only in the UK but probably around the world."

Pennant Roberts
15 December 1940 - 22 June 2010

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