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The following paragraph is from "THE DISUSED YETI NEWSLETTER ON EARLY DOCTOR WHO - ISSUE 16 - 29 NOVEMBER 1998" EDITED BY Bruce Robinson & Robert Franks

The Pertwee era of DOCTOR WHO was for a long time almost unique in the role of honour of BBC programmes - every episode made since 1970 existed (albeit in a variety of strange formats). Not so lucky is the final season of DOOMWATCH (a BBC drama with distinct SF overtones that ran for three seasons between 1970 and 1972). The third season is roughly contemporary with season nine of DOCTOR WHO, but out of eleven episodes (plus one untransmitted) only three survive. Strangely, one of these is the controversial episode Sex and Violence which was completed but removed from the schedules prior to being broadcast. It is possible that the tape was the subject of a preservation order if the production team felt it could be broadcast at a later date. However, the episode is still to be transmitted in the UK (it was not shown during UK Gold reruns of the series in 1995, although it has been screened in other countries such as Australia).

Does anyone happen to have the TV listings for this Australian broadcast or any more information about this? If so, please get in touch. If you know either Bruce Robinson or Robert Franks (They're respective email addresses no longer work) I would be grateful to you if you could pass the message on. On the same note any information on the American broadcasts would be welcome.
Thank you.

Update  - 11 June 2010
"One season of the series aired on CBC-TV, debuting on Jul 2, 1971"

Some listing dates are below:-
Jul 9 - Invasion. Dr. Quist and his team uncover a frightening chemical warfare research station.
Jul 16 - The Islanders. Doomwatch is given the opportunity to measure the reactions of islanders previously insulated from modernity against their new environment of western industrial civilization.
Jul 30 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs
Aug 13 - Flight Into Yesterday
Sep 3 - In The Dark - mysterious industrialist becomes human machine.
Sep 17 - The Inquest - A long-standing feud between an animal lover and a scientist who uses dogs in his experiments comes to an explosive head when a child dies of rabies. Quist: John Paul. Harcastle: John Nolan. Bradley: Joby Bfanshard. (60 min.) Guest Cast Dr. Fane Frederick Treves Mary Judith Furse Pritchard Frederick Hall Coroner Edward Evans
Thanks to Patrick at for all this information!

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