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In a letter in New Scientist dated 13th July 1972 a Mr Martyn Dryde from Sussex it looks like another supporter of Dr Pedler has jumped on the Season 3 is rubbish bandwagon...

"Sir,–Concern has been expressed in the media, and in our school staffroom, over the poor storylines and low excitement-value of the current BBC-TV series of Doomwatch. We know, of course, that Dr Pedler and his associate are no longer responsible. A recent letter on this subject in Radio Times provoked an editorial disclaimer to the effect that the earlier series were just as boring: we are supposed to be suffering, collectively, from the psychological repression that makes all our childhood summers sunny in retrospect. I doubt this. Early Doomwatch had teeth; this one doesn't. People died in hundreds from Pedler's ingenious scourges; now, millions are saved–nothing is allowed to happen. I also detect an air of "it can't happen here" recently, especially in the fake TV programmes about population and the environment which have been so overdone as to be blatant self-parody. Doomwatch has sold out to it's ultimate controllers: industry and (if, as I imagine the programme is sold to America) the CIA. This is nothing new, but, for the viewer who likes a scare on a Monday night it's still a shame."

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