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Following complaints that £499.99 is too expensive for the official DVD Box set (see earlier news post) we at have been inundated with over 2 complaints. After reading them we can confirm that there is more DOOM in them than DOOMWATCH! 
To be fair, the BBC and 2 Entertain need to make a profit on this box set and I personally think the price isn't that high. Unfortunately, there has been uproar over this, so we are pleased to announce a new supplier has stepped in to help those on a budget. So we are pleased to announce the brand new Jolly Roger Entertainment edition! This set has been exclusively re-branded and marketed to appeal to a wider audience as apparantly a grumpy old git on the cover won't sell very well. A spokesperson for Jolly Roger Entertainment  has been kind enough to get in touch with us by phone. A transcript has been typed up by our secretary Pat...

"Eh? What do you want? Oh, yeh, I got loads of this DOOMWITCH thing. Yeh, we grabbed loads of them when we done over that DVD production plant you mentioned and torched it. We got loads of Shaun the Sheep and summink else called Kamelion Tales if ya want these discs as well? Sorry we ain't got no original boxes but Dave is a dab hand at fake covers and that and has done a spot on job remaking them for ya. We will do ya a good deal but I'm off me hols on Wednesday so you'll have to decide now. £5 each sound alright? We have 5,000 of each of em in the van. Dave will drop em off for ya tomorrow night if you want?. Yeh, sweet as, right I'm off to get meself a burger now"

Release date: Out and about in a van now!
R.R.P: About £5. You will have to haggle with a grubby market trader called Dave but you might get it down to £3 if you're lucky.
Extras: A real rat is supplied instead of a stupid toy one. Be warned this will bite and not want to play chess with you or do you're ironing.

Once again, our thanks to Ima Pirate for supplying with exclusive copies of these discs at a knockdown price! We have already given 50 of them to our mates and they are really impressed. One said "That isn't an official Doctor" pointing to the cover, but I have no idea what he is talking about. (Scott)

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