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DOOMWATCH REVIEW of Season 3 Episode 5 - Without the Bomb by Michael Seely

Michael Seely has just completed a full synopsis and review for Season 3 Episode 5 - Without the Bomb.

"The story begins with the troubled doctor James Fulton, sitting on his own in the middle of the night in his living room, evidence of children's toys around him. He is a man in his early forties, His wife, a little younger than him, dressed in a night gown enters and insists he comes to bed. He is agitated, wound up, something big on his mind. He tells her to stop treating him like a child. She replies that he should stop being childish. She thinks he has been drinking. He has a big day tomorrow. 'Today! Later today! Has it ever occurred to you that this may be purgatory? ... a period of probation for what comes...' She agrees, she sees purgatory as giving you another chance. 'If you're guilty you're still facing hell's fires...' Fulton doesn't care about being damned. But to be damned because of him... 'All you're guilty of is trying to save the world!' his wife says. Only God can save the world, replies Fulton. He'll do it through people like Fulton, his wife assures him. But he is thinking of the rest of the Board. 'They've got to sell it without any half measures. It's got to be the biggest hard sell in history and if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is!' Mrs Fulton asks him if he loves her, and if that means he trusts her? He does. 'Then why don't you trust God?'"

The full synopsis and review is now available here

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