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Well, Pat ('s secretary, don't tell 2 Entertain though) has played a blinder! After she promised not to get into any more trouble, her latest goof has led to UK TV channel "WATCH" being evacuated due to an anthrax scare. We were only joking with her over this threat, we didn't know she was actually going to phone them up and even go to the trouble of posting them a letter full of Washing Powder to put the frighteners on them after ignoring her requests to show Doomwatch. Anyway, to make up for it, she decided to seduce a private film collector called Inius Levinius and when she'd gone round to his place and tempted him with a bit of hanky panky, she mentioned she was a fan of Doomwatch and an episode called "Invasion". Well, Inius didn't want to disappoint her and promptly disappeared into his attic to fetch a very rusty film can featuring the uncut B/W version of the story as a treat. Pat managed to secretly film the entire story on her mobile phone and after a night of passion brought back to us the results. So here we have it, at last! Our technical bods have manged to couple one of the edited sections from this and the UKGOLD transmission for you're viewing pleasure. Be warned though, it contains graphic scenes of men in socks.
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