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Doomwatch - Winter Angel, the 1999 TV Movie, is on it's way to DVD!

DOOMWATCH - WINTER ANGEL, the Channel 5 TV Movie (now Five) written by John Howlett and Ian McDonald and directed by Roy Battersby is going to be released for the first time onto DVD by Boulevard Entertainment Limited. It was intended as a pilot to a new series but presumbaly due to cost was shelved. 

In Winter Angel an ageing Dr Quist played by Philip Stone (as John Paul had died in 1995) is attempting to persuade Cambridge astrophysicist Neil Tannahil (Trevor Eve) to take over his position. This becomes more pressing as Neil's research work involving creating a man made black hole for the generation of cheap electricity is stolen.

Starring Trevor Eve, Amanda Ooms, Philip Stone, Dallas Campbell, Miles Anderson, it has been classified by the BBFC on 15 July, 2010  and rated uncut as a 15 certificate (strong violence, threat and language) with a running time of 106m 19s

It looks like there are no extras on the release at this early stage but we will keep you posted with updates as soon as we get them. It's a little known fact that the TV Movie spells both Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis names wrong in an early edit. Oops!

Seriously, if you don't believe us check it out for yourself at the BBFC's own site here
Thanks to Tony Darbyshire for spotting the fantastic news!

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