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MICHAEL ELYWYN was interviewed for Loose Canon's "The Highlanders" and touches upon his memories of DOOMWATCH

"Doomwatch was a very interesting job. Looking back, perhaps more interesting than we thought of at the time. I can't remember the details of every story I was in, there were stories that would be in the news just as the transmission went out, then it would be a topical story.

Kit Pedler... had this extraordinary prescience or knowledge of the scientific crisis of the time, the way we were heading for disaster, the way we were treating the climate, the earth, chemicals, what the industries were doing and getting away with, what government was covering up, and the Doomwatch team was created to spot where there were cover ups.

I think it was very clever because it was shot like a thriller and yet it had good, strong scientific content in it because you knew it was co-created by a scientist and every story was possible, you know, breeding killer rats, chemical chaos in a Yorkshire village and closing it down and emptying the place...

I played a guy called Duncan. I was always convinced he was the parliamentary private secretary, to the Minister, so he was an MP! Then a writer would say, 'No, he's a civil servant.' So there was this battle going on all the time so I just said, 'No, no, he's an MP!' He's not the political private secretary, he's the parliamentary private secretary. John Barron and John Savident played the Ministers."

Thanks to Michael Seely for this news item

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