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A lot of high quality television shows have made the successful transition to viewing for free or for a low cost in recent years. So, after a polite enquiry from to show episodes on SeeSaw from the classic BBCtv series "DOOMWATCH", SeeSaw (the video-on-demand website) have politely refused to do so. Mr Cankbottle from Seesaw explains the situation... "Well, to be honest, we simply can't afford to have our servers crash under the strain. Internal tests have proved that we cannot cope with every computer in the UK jamming up our servers with excited people requesting to see episodes such as The Human Time Bomb. The Logicians test nearly blew up our mainframe. For a start, we'd have to delete all the classic Doctor Who streams we have in order to free up the bandwidth. If Gallifrey Base ever gets wind of this, we will have hoards of rabid fans swooping down us like a plague of locusts and nobody wants that again. We'd be public enemy number one! Unfortunately, with cutbacks we would have a high mountain to climb in order to afford new hardware and cables for this. To be honest, we are living in a virtual web of fear. OK, between you and me, there is a secret vetoe on this series from the Government and the BBC, and it's simply because of the massive cutbacks here we can't afford to pay out for the extra capacity required, we need all our recources for such landmark series as the BBC's Cash in the Attic"
Well, fellow Doomwatch fans, you can't say we didn't try for you. Oh well, we'll get Pat to constantly ring up UK digital TV channel "WATCH" to give her a break from manning the Doomwatch revival hotline and do a Dr. Ridge and threaten them with anthrax if we don't get some ruddy satisfaction. One Doomwatch fan commented "Well, you don't need a Doomwatch team to tell you that you couldn't see that one coming!" We sincerely apologise to all fans who have felt they have been digitally left in the dark over this situation. Mr Cankbottle now hopes fans will stop the flood of emails to them.

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