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SEASON 1 - EPISODE 3 - BURIAL AT SEA Synopsis Completed

A luxury cruiser adrift in the Channel... a lifeboat sails out to the rescue. What they find aboard starts a national scandal and involves Quist in another major investigation.

It is a fine, clear day off the Devon coast and coming into shot is a luxury yacht called The Saracen which appears to be deserted. Apart from the sea gulls and the gentle lapping of the channel, there is silence. The cabin appears to be empty too. Outside, the lifeboat arrives, and one of the lifeboat men tries to hail the Saracen with a loud hailer. The lifeboat men board the craft and call for the crew. Inside the main cabin we see an old cannon, pointing to the main door. A lifeboat man bursts in and reacts to this antique with surprise and shock. Then he sees the four bodies on the floor.... They are young people, barely in their twenties, two men and two women. (They are Cobie Vale and Keith Rogers, members of a very famous pop group called The Hoarse Chestnuts. The two girls are Angela Connor and Janet Redstone. 'All four lie in grotesque shapes. They could be drugged unconscious or dead...'
(The picture above is from The Radio Times 12-18th December 1970)
With thanks Michael Seely for the synopsis. Continue reading more here

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