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"At the exclusive Hotel Jayson’s diner’s are eyeing up Lobsters in a giant fish tank before entering the restaurant. Quist is attending an Anti-Pollution Conference in London and sits with four men; Benjamin Fielding (Chairman of Newington Chemicals Ltd), Dr. Robert Whitehead (Chief Scientific Advisor to Newington Chemicals), Professor Miklos Egri (Hungarian Biologist) and Dr. Heinz Bau (German Ecologists). A waiter hands out cigars whilst another serves Brandy. The Head waiter checks that Mr Fielding is happy, which he is as he requests that Kenri knows his soufflé was superb! Quist refuses a Cigar and Fielding jumps on this exclaiming that he knew he would be a non-smoker and probably thinks it is pollution as well. Quist diplomatically agrees. Mr Fielding continues to bait Quist making a joke about his alarmist nature to which the other men laugh. Quist as ever gives a brilliant repost “ You choking yourself to death’s not relevant to the conference and it doesn’t alarm me in the least. What does concern me is you choking everybody else by spewing peroxides into the air and pumping organic silicones into the rivers”. Fielding reminds him that he is at the conference to provide evidence. Whitehead notices Cockroaches in the bowl of fruit in front of him and creates a stir. Egri helps him gather up the tablecloth. The Head waiter appears and refutes Whitehead’s claims. When the cloth is opened there are no cockroaches in sight just a mess of broken glasses, china and fruit."

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A big thanks to Michael Seely for this one!

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