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Apologies for the blatant advert but I am fed up with the state of my attic. There is rubbish all over the place. I've binned most of the stuff but there are a few items left which might be of interest. Although I can't actually reach them yet. Among them there is a very good living room table lamp with a nice gold base up for grabs. It has a Woolworth's 60W eco-bulb (fitted) and a nice 1.5metre white cable with UK standard plug.I Just cut my thumb on this bloomin' rusty tin can (picture from my mobile phone) trying to get to the lamp. I have just put a plaster on it and thought, while I am downstairs I will do a quick advert. Anyway, if anyone spots anything else they want just give me an email. I already took all the other annoying cans in the way marked The Ambassadors of Death down the recycling centre. I can't count how many times my girlfriend has nagged me to get rid of all this stuff. Oh, and it's all Free to a good home. Have a good weekend everyone! Daniel Farkworth - News Team