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When sci-fi runs wild

Before the credits of “Doomwatch” we were dazzled by an exploding aircraft and thereafter blinded by science.
This new BBC1 series belongs to the popular category of tele-science fiction in which Superman has got with it and formed himself a corporation. Like “NEMESIS” in “The Champions” and “UNIT” in Dr. Who,” “Doomwatch are dedicated to righting evil.
The evil in this case comes from the lunacies of science. Last night researchers were experimenting with a virus called Variant 14, and it melted plastics.


Carelessly, the experimental station lost some. It would go “through a city like a tidal wave” and finish off London or at least all the plastic bit, in 12 hours.
The super-scientist of Doomwatch saved the day. But not before it destroyed one aeroplane and started melting another. It looked very nice too. Like a dripping, multi-coloured ice cream cone. I suppose this is today’s version of the gothic shockers that frightened the Victorians.
Robert Louis Stevensons “Dark Tale” began the latest ITV series “Mystery and Imagination”
Prince Florizel, a sort of titles hippie out for kicks, joined a suicide club where the members executed each other and the president sold the corpses for dissection.
Robert Muller’s adaption chilled the spine and threw in a few Victorian kinks as well. We supped satisfyingly on horrors last night even before the Elvis Presley film.

LAST NIGHT article by Gerard Garret

With thanks to Andrew Wilson