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We are afraid it's bad news for DOOMWATCH fans today.  We have just had a Mr Times on the phone this morning explaining why his magazine (Radio Times) for the 14th-20th, doesn't feature DOOMWATCH on the cover or even on the inside. There is a very upsetting reason for this. It seems that there has been an almighty mix-up of epic proportions!

Pat had contacted the Radio Times a couple of months ago and asked them if they would be interested in featuring a new classic television section in their magazine and mentioned our fan produced version of DOOMWATCH. They agreed it would be a good feature and Scott Burditt conducted an interview with Brian Gorman especially for the magazine, which was sent off with some publicity photos.

Unfortunately, at the Radio Times there was a mix-up with paperwork. Our interview and photos and those of a Blake's 7 fan site, accidentally got filed with their new BBC promo material and both were promoted as new BBC programmes.

You can imagine our surprise when we received the 2 (alternative) new covers for the magazine! We thought we'd just get half a page for our fan produced efforts, not a front cover! It did seem a bit unusual for them to promote a small feature in this way but we were delighted with the promotion, well... that was until a Mr Sticklebrick at the BBC spotted the new covers and news on our website and contacted Mr Times and gave him a grilling over it. Mr Times then contacted us and apologised for the mix up and said he has had to abandon the new feature as well, so as not to further upset the BBC.

Scott Burditt, our editor explains...

"Unfortunately, Pat had received the covers from the Radio Times last week and she actually thought that the BBC must have taken on our fan produced series on for real and passed a report onto our news team who mistakenly promoted it as a new show for BBC1 without checking any of the details first. Can you believe it? Not only that, fans of Blake's 7 are going to get an upsetting phone call too. It's a good job Mr Sticklebrick spotted our news page and stepped in to put the blocks on it all as the printers had already started to run copies. Once again our dreams of a new DOOMWATCH series are getting pulped. Oh well, hopefully, we will have more reliable news in the future..."