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OK, this one is a long shot but... If anyone has episodes of this classic UK series featuring Noel Edmonds tucked away on VHS, please get in touch with us! Apparantly, a few clips from DOOMWATCH were included and we'd love to see them!

There were at least two editions in which DOOMWATCH was featured - one with a clip from The Devils Sweets and a later edition from the mid-nineties which had a clip from Tomorrow the Rat (yes, the famous kitchen rat attack!). This edition also featured OOTU: The Last Lonely Man and a clip from Moonbase 3.

Telly Addicts is the name of a BBC1 game show that was hosted by Noel Edmonds, broadcast from 3 September 1985 until 29 July 1998. All questions were based on television programmes past and present, and generally took the form of a short clip being shown followed by a series of questions either specifically about the clip or more generally about the programme from which it had been taken. Two teams sat opposite each other on sofas.

With thanks to Colin Cutler and Wikipedia for the information