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I have just purchased a copy of The Radio Times (4-10 December 1999) magazine from 1999 featuring the DOOMWATCH TV Movie. It was one of the Choices for the day. It was scheduled against the BBC1 News, BBC2's The Natural World Secret Sharks, ITV's Peak Practice Moving On and Channel 4's Cutting Edge Disappeared.

9.00pm C5
Trevor Eve and Amanda Ooms star in an entertaining thriller that carries a legacy of an earlier sci-fi series. In 1970 the original Doomwatch set up Dr Spencer Quist as an incorruptible scientific watchdog - TV's first green hero. Now he is back in this feature-length story set in an authoritarian near-future. Eve plays astrophysicist Neil Tannahil, whom Dr Quist keeps trying to draw into his network of eco-warriors. When Tannahil realises his own work has been hijacked to create a nuclear waste disposal system, he realises he can no longer stay neutral. Shot through with foreboding and paranoia, this is an enjoyably grim suspense drama. GE

It's interesting to note that one of the other Choices for the day has a decidedly DOOMWATCH flavour. Pig Heart Boy, first in a new six part drama from Malorie Blackman's novel, was inspired by a news item. You can't help but notice that the DOOMWATCH story Friday's Child springs instantly to mind. Especially as it deals with a father looking for a solution to his young boy's failing heart. This story uses a Pig's heart for a solution whereas the DOOMWATCH story uses that of a monkey.

9.00 Doomwatch
Feature-length drama starring Trevor Eve, inspired by the seventies television series about an environmental task force. A Cambridge astrophysicist is caught up in a web of deceit when his research into a cheap form of energy falls into the wrong hands. See Choice.
Neil Tannahil Trevor Eve
Meg Tannahil Amanda Ooms
Spencer Quist Philip Stone
Toby Ross Miles Anderson
Hugo Cox Dallas Campbell
Teri Riley Allie Byrne
Written by Ian MacDonald and John Howett
Producer Peter Lee-Wright
Director Roy Battersby

Scans and artice by Scott Burditt