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Yes, our favourite TV show DOOMWATCH, now has a spinoff series!

After all the disappointment and confusion over a new DOOMWATCH, Pat (our secretary) has given us her personal guarantee that the following news is accurate.

After a boozy night with her friends down the local Curry house, Pat overheard a BBC employee showing off his insider knowledge on new projects while scoffing an Onion Bhaji. Pat's ears pricked up when she heard DOOMWATCH being mentioned. It seems that a Mr Simpleton is to be the new controller of the proposed channel BBC5, and one of the first shows to be made is curiously called MATCHWOOD. After buttering up Mr Simpleton, Pat has passed on the following information for the programme with some excitement...

Beyond the Government, Beyond the Police, Beyond Belief.

Dr. Philip Hugh, an ex-Government scientist watchdog, disillusioned with the Government's inaction, decides to take matters into his own hands when he is forced to retire due to cutbacks. He then recruits a crack team of scientists who share his beliefs privately funded by sponsorship. Together, they fight unethical uses of scientific discoveries, greedy corporations and pollution wherever they find it without the binding of red tape.

This basic premise forms the new 5 part mini series to be run across a week called MATCHWOOD "The Gas Effect". Shot in glorious HD and a healthy £5 million budget. Apparantly, in part one the team take down oil giant BP!

Expect lots of moral finger wagging, Quist style bulging eyeballs and lot's of tutting when the team appear all over the country in their Methane fuelled van.