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Around the World in 80 minutes 1
A stock track, from the KPM library, was used in the missing episode Spectre at the Feast during Ridge's hallucinatory battle with Roy Stewart's loincloth-clad African warrior. In his script, Terence Dudley had specified: "Jungle drums begin to beat in Ridge's head and he instinctively holds his ears as they mount to a frenzied sacrifical dance rhythm." The footage may be lost, but we can now hear what the production team came up with as a match for those stage directions:
Just select Gyil Dance from the link below on the KPM CD album Around the World in 80 minutes 1:
"Gyil Dance", composed by Guy Warren (Originally released on KPM 1054A)

With thanks to Andrew Wilson for uncovering the information on stock tracks and Tony Darbyshire for discovering the availability of this particular piece on the link above. I also noticed that I can only find one other reference of it used in another television series, and that is Ren and Stimpy Lair of the Lummox: This plays when Ren and Stimpy are on foot on the island. More info about Guy Warren can be found here Scott Burditt