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S2E07 FLIGHT INTO YESTERDAY uses Eagle's Son by Electric Banana (about 42mins 30s into the episode). The song is available on the album Even more Electric Banana

The production team decided to best illustrate California with a track by The Pretty Things who are an English rock and roll band from London! Originally formed in 1963, in the late 1960s, the band made some extra money by recording for music library company DeWolfe. Somewere used in low-budget films, What's Good For the Goose (1969), Haunted House of Horror (1969),The Monster Club (1981) and a couple of softcore porn films. Not originally intended for official release, these songs were later compiled on a number of records and released under the alias Electric Banana: Electric Banana (1967), More Electric Banana (1968), Even More Electric Banana (1969), Hot Licks (1970), and Return of the Electric Banana (1978). The initial releases featured one side of vocal and one side of instrumental tracks. Subsequent releases of these albums generally keep the true identity of the band secret. Thanks to Michael Seely, Wikipedia and Tony Darbyshire