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SEASON 2 EPISODE 9 IN THE DARK Synopsis complete

"A swimmer, just off shore from the jagged Scottish coastline, swims, unaware, into a mustard coloured substance floating on the sea... It's effect upon him is swift. His skin feels like it is on fire, and he gasps for air as he lungs seize up. And then he is quite dead, floating in the sea...
At Doomwatch, Ridge brings in the report on the man's death to Quist. The boy died from contact with mustard gas. All that is known about the dumping of mustard gas was it was dumped seventy to a hundred miles out to sea after the war. The only exception was a boat that sank in the St George's channel in 1946 but a long way off. Quist doesn't seem to think there is much of a mystery here. Ridge tells him that the boat's commander was an old friend of Quist's."
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With thanks to Michael Seely