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The Daily Sketch 17th February 1970


If someone whispers 'He steals hearts' don't go all sentimental. It may be meant literally. As heart transplants increase spares may become scarce.
An agonised woman in “Doomwatch” (BBC1)believed her baby's heart had been stolen for another child.
Suspicion deepened when it turned out that the doctor who operated on her dead baby was the father of a child who had a heart transplant with the donor unknown.
Doomwatch guardians of public safety, felt the doctor might be up to some monkey business. They were right. The heart actually came from a monkey.


A monkey's heart in a human is only good for ten years, it appears, and in the programme's big horror moment we learned that the doctor had created a test tube baby to provide another heart for his son when the time came.
The prop department came up with a very impressive living and breathing giant foetus.
Highly surgical stuff for a thriller. and the programme asked questions is it right to chop up monkeys for science? Is it ethical to breed brainless children to provide spare parts?
I'm all in favour of light entertainment delivering food for thought but these were rather weighty moral problems.
You're on the right lines, chaps, but don't try to compete too strongly with the Television Doctor. 

Newspaper article is by Gerard Garrett With thanks to Michael Seely and Andrew Wilson