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I have recently had the absolute pleasure in contacting Louis Robinson. Louis is a former BBCtv Film Editor. In the '70s he worked in the editing department on classic TV series such as: The Brothers, The Onedin Line and of course Doomwatch!

Louis Robinson is now a professional singer and songwriter and lives in America. Having worked for the BBC in both television and radio, he has also written, produced composed and directed.

After leaving the BBC for two years, he returned in 1984 as Program Associate of the hit tv quiz show Telly Addicts hosted by Noel Edmonds from every episode (1984 - 1996).

"I worked on the show in the second season - so I missed out on Toby as he was killed off in the first season as you know. The Plastic eaters is still, I think, the most original story of any of the series.

I remember working on a show about islanders being evacuated from their homes. I think that episode starred David Buck (who was also in a short lived - one episode only - BBC series of Horatio Hornblower). As a humble assistant film editor at Ealing film studios (I think the editor was Chris Rowlands) I wasn't involved in any of the interesting stuff though I remember Simon Oates (Dr Ridge) once complaining that the film was running fast because his voice sounded very high pitched. This is of course impossible as the speed of all BBC equipment was controlled by a single pulse which came from the Central Apparatus Room deep in the bowels of Television Center. But I dutifully went to Shepherds Bush and spent an afternoon confirming that this couldn't happen...but as was our practice, we waited an hour and told him we'd fixed the problem though the film was back exactly as before. Simon thanked me for my efforts and left a happy man.

I also know that the titles never quite matched the music...the "boom boom"s didn't sync up with the whole title sequence. Drove us mad!"

With thanks to Louis Robinson

Article by Scott Burditt