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The Morning Star 14th February 1970

by Stewart Lane

In Monday's first episode of Doomwatch, BBC-1's new science fiction (or is it?) series, a plastic eating virus – developed at a secret bio-chemical warfare centre and highly contagious – caused one plane to crash, threatened another, or worse.
Battle was joined, not only to contain the danger but to smash through bureaucratic departmental secrecy, through the unorthodoxy of a department such as Doomwatch does take a bit of swallowing.
Capably done, however, with a high degree of suspense and what's perhaps more important, fairly clear implications.
After all, how much do we know about what's going on at (illegible word) and other places? Indeed, isn't it possible that there could be a leak of some grisly toxic bacilli and that it could be too late before we learned about it?
It makes you think. And a series which does just that is worth having around.

With thanks to Michael Seely and Andrew Wilson