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New Scientist 31 Dec 1970

New Route to hybrid cells may aid genetic carpentry
from Monitor by Graham Chedd, Peter Stubbs and Gerald Wick
The work on hybrid cells by Henry Harris and his group at Oxford inspired noty only a recent Doomwatch episode on the box, but also research at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington, that may one day lead to a simple method of transplanting the nucleus of one mammalian species into the egg of another. A second source of inspiration for Roger Ladda and Richard Estensen of the Institute was the observation, first made about three years ago, that the drug cytochalasin B will cause cultured mouse cells to expel their nuclei. Ladda and Estensen now report (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol67, p1528) the manufacture, with the aid of cytochalasin B, of mouse cells containing the nuclei of chickens. They suggest that their technique will be useful, for studying the mechanisms of cell division and malignancy. And they also speculate, in a rather enigmatic final sentence, on the possibility of genetic engineering with the technique, using it to develop cell lines which could be immunologically tolerated by the patient and supply an enzyme which he had previously lacked.

The article above does not name but refers to You Killed Toby Wren
With thanks to Michael Seely