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THE DAILY MAIL 5th June 1972

Doomwatch (A) Rialto.

TOPICALLY, this film tackles the pollution problem and nostalgically it brings back the late George Sanders as an imperious admiral.
Television's redoubtable band of scientists branching out on to the big screen send Ian Bannen off to a hostile, fear - stricken Western isle to investigate a hideously disfiguring disease induced by the underwater dumping of radioactive waste.
The film is a slow starter but builds up under Peter Sasdy's direction to a grisly climax, all the more???? much nearer our own time and environment than vampires and monsters.
Judy Geeson's village school mistress, like the spacious seascapes, adds a blessed touch of unscathed beauty in the ??????

Picture inset says "George Sanders, the arrogant admiral."

Original article by Cecil Wilson. With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Scott Burditt