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THE DAILY MIRROR 16th February 1971



Without wishing to give away my age I can still remember the days when a mysterious Dr. Chang (or Ching? or Chung?) haunted my dreams with his fiendishly clever experimental human brain, floating in its hermetically-sealed tank giving out its orders and instructions, questions and answers.
Ching (or Chung? or Chang?) was one of the early mad scientists who gleefully conducted experiments on people through public entertainment from the days of Frankenstein and his playful pet to to now.


At last, the disembodied brain has got itself on the box, and mercifully, ordered its own destruction. But I can't believe there is no end to the experiment.

As a fantasy theme it will be revived time and again. Doomwatch (BBC1), brought it to life last night with a tale involving a great scientist, a millionaire, suffering from an incurable disease of the body who had found a way to keep going without all those aches and pains the flesh is heir to.

But a few humble yet well chosen words from an old friend Dr. Quist and The Brain quickly decided to shuffle off.

It's a dream that has always fascinated us.

One of avoiding mortal cares and worries, to live in cloud cuckoo land where thinking nice thoughts – or brilliant thoughts or poetic thoughts or wise thoughts, take your choice, is all...”

...she then talks about a Horizon documentary over mankind's habit for intoxication in one form or other such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs... 

With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Michael Seely.