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THE DAILY MIRROR 2nd June 1972

RADIO-ACTIVE waste is affecting chemicals illegally dumped in the sea off the tiny Cornish island of Balfe. After eating the chemically-affected fish, the islanders turn ugly–literally! They begin to look like Neanderthal man.
The islanders, a superstitious lot, believe they have been afflicted by a dreadful curse. Not to panic, chaps. It is a case for those scientific detectives of "DOOMWATCH" (A, Rialto).
Ian Bannen goes to the island, survives an attack by Something Unspeakable In The Woodshed and finds an attractive ally in the shape of Judy Geeson, the local schoolteacher. The late George Sanders appears briefly as a doddery admiral and many well-known characters of the TV "Doomwatch" series turn up in this intriguing, well-made film version.

Original article by Arthur Shirkell. With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Scott Burditt