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by Richard Last

Disowned by its principle progenitor, Doomwatch (BBC1), or 'Watchdoom,' if the titles are to be believed, made quite a fighting comeback on its second outing of the new series last night.

Martin Worth's script was considerably better than the blurb suggested and vastly better than last week's frenzied nonsense which so properly upset Dr Pedler.

The idea of Quist being offered a private 'Doomwatch' to lend respectability to a giant industrial combine came out just on the right side of credibility. More importantly, it offered valid opportunities for moral argument, like private ownership of vast estates being balanced against benevolent use of that ownership.

There was quite a homily on the alleged dangers of polyurethane paint, which, as a grateful do-it-your-selfer, I can only hope were fictional.

The demands of packaged drama and need to get Quist back into the Ministry fold meant a contrived ending. But you have tom allow some concessions and they were balanced by the emergence of the Commander as more than a bully boy cop and a sterling performance from the veteran actor, Moultrie Kelsall.

With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Michael Seely