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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 15th August 1972

If Doomwatch (BBC1) survives for a new series, and on the whole I hope it does, a few problems are going to need sorting out. The basic one is to secure a tenable balance between the elements of ecology, science fiction and melodrama that go into it.
Melodrama has too often been allowed to get the upper hand in the present series, leading to such nonsenses as Ridge rampaging. And 'Ridge Must Go' is an essential corollary as 'Doomwatch Should Stay' and a few less unscientific outbursts from Quist would help.
Last night's close of the season episode, 'The Killer Dolphins' was a fairly mediocre affair in which the barely suppressed melodramatic elements finally showed in an absurd confrontation at what appeared to be a Neapolitan orgy. The story would probly have done better as pure science fiction, perhaps as an 'Out of the Unknown' tale...

Original article by Richard Last

With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Michael Seely