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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 2nd February 1971

Doom Fact

After reviewing a Horizon episode concerning the nuclear stalemate and how reality is more frightening than Doomwatch's fiction, the article goes on...

The real Doomwatch – or the unreal one – was way off course last night with an adventure which didn't even pretend to adhere to the series format.

Quist rushed back from a Californian conference, showed signs of fatigue apparently due to long distance flight. His Minister, setting out to prove that it couldn't happen to him, was nabbed in flight by a smooth Industrial sabotuer whose motives remained as obscure as the narrative.

It was more like a bad 'Avengers' than a genuine 'Doomwatch'. The only redeeming feature was a major part for that excellent actor, John Barron, who is not seen so regularly on the screen as he used to be.

Original article by Richard Last. With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Michael Seely