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DOOMWATCH - A chilling story from today's headlines!

When scientist/writer Kit Pedler and his partner Gerry Davis sat down to write the story for the new Tigon British production Doomwatch little did they realise just how terrifyingly close to real events their story would be.

The film is concerned with a tense and truly horrifying human situation set against a background of one of the world's most relevant problems today - pollution.

It is the first major British feature film to take the dangers of pollution as its theme and, ironically, this story about the effects of poisons escaping from canisters dumped in the sea was filmed on the very same beaches where real-life canisters containing deadly poisons were recently washed ashore.

Scenes for the film were shot on locations at Polkerris between Fowey and St. Austell at Falmouth and on the north Cornwall coast before the unit returned to London to continue shooting at Pinewood Studios.

In the film, the islanders of Balfe are struck down with a horrible disease known as acromegaly, which disfigures the face and body. Acromegaly is a real disease...and the circumstances which cause it in the film are authentic!

Since Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis originated the Doomwatch idea of a group of scientists voluntarily keeping an eye on all aspects of pollution, the real-life possibilities of such an operation have become daily not only more practical, but more necessary.

Doomwatch is a film that, through the chilling events that take place on the fictitious island of Balfe, points up the potential horrors of a real future.


With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Scott Burditt