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THE GUARDIAN 07th June 1972

By Oliver Pritchett

The two writers who created the BBC TV series Doomwatch about the dangers of modern science yesterday announced the latest programme as a traversty of their original concept, and said they were severing all connection with the BBC.

Dr. Kit Pedler, one head of the anatomy department at the London University Institute of Ophthalmology, and his co-writer, Mr Gerry Davis, thought up Doomwatch two years ago, and wrote the outlines and some of the scripts of the first series.

The idea, Dr Pedler said last night, was to raise the environment issue in a serious way with drama based soundly on scientific reality.

Dr Pedler and Mr Davis objected to Monday's episode, 'Fire and Brimstone', written by Terence Dudley, the programme's producer. Dr Pedler called it 'absolutely awful – a mad scientist going amuck yet again.' In the programme, a scientist held the world to ransom with phials of posion. Just a spy thriller, Dr Pedler and Mr Davis dais.

The BBC pointed out last night that the two writers had severed their connection with the series a year ago after a disagreement and although the BBC regretted it, a spokesman said it was Dr Pedler and Mr Davis who had lost touch with the original format of the programme.

Dr Pedler and Mr Davis still get a credit in Radio Times as the originators of the series but they want this removed.

Their connection with the series is not entirely broken. Dr Pedler said they would still accept the small 'format fee' they receive for every transmission.

In the meantime, they are preparing a new series - ' a logical extension of Doomwatch – for another television company.

With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Michael Seely