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THE GUARDIAN 8th December 1999

Doomwatch (C5) was a feature-length millennium-style update of the 70s boffin-fest, starring Trevor Eve as the terrifyingly brainy Neil Tannahil. Neil was about to leave his lecturing job in Britain to take up a lucrative new post at MIT in Boston, when amazingly, he became embroiled in uncovering the Deadly Secret being hatched at the supposedly disused Shaston nuclear power station in northern England.
In his quest for The Truth, he was guided by his mentor Professor Quist (Philip Stone), the cantankerous old goat who used to run Doomwatch.
There was almost nothing here you would dare call original, and it was amazing they didn’t borrow Eric Clapton’s soundtrack music from Edge of Darkness since they’d nicked just about everything else from it. There was an official conspiracy with matching cover-up, intrepid eco-warriors struggling to penetrate the official wall of silence and being thrown out of helicopters for their pains, and incidental concerns about genetic experiments and mistreatment of animals. However, the notion of some misguided quantum-anorak building his own Black Hole using contraband nuclear waste from the old Soviet bloc at least had an authentic frisson of lunacy about it, and the sequences of unfortunate individuals being sucked into the Hole’s gravitational field will look even better in Hollywood’s 200 million dollar remake starring Bruce Willis.

Original article by Adam Sweeting. With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Scott Burditt