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THE GUARDIAN Unknown date circa 1972

Investigation series started up to ???? the usually depressingly ???ed hope that people will like ???? they know in one medium that's ??? very much as the ??? they can make a profit ?????? on the home market but at ??? can say that this ??? doesn't look too skimped. A tribute perhaps to Peter Sasdy's direction ??? without exactly setting Wardour Street on fire, at least has the virtues of narrative skill and a modicum of imagination.
The story is further aided by the competence of Clive Exton's "final screenplay" (does that mean he hashed up a bad one?) and by play ??? from Ian Bannen in the central ?? a certain level, come what may. He plays a young Doomwatch doctor that arrives on a tight little isle off Cornwall to study oil pollution and finds it's ooh-aargh inhabitants suffering from a decidedly nasty mystery disease.
None of them will accept his help, rather quaintly believing their troubles are caused by the sexual excesses of previous generations (a delightful ??? not pursued as it might have been considering Mr Tony Tenser is ???? producer. Anyway, the doctor ??? stage schoolmistress and poor George Sanders of happy memory?? looking ?? George Sanders has the best part as the Admiral. Not?? had on rainy event ??? Steve McQueen ?? rather American ??? On Any Sunday. Bruce Brown?? speedway documentary, as support.

Original article by Frank??? Malcolm. With thanks to Andrew Wilson. Transcribed by Scott Burditt (who now has a headache)