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Quite often, people wonder where the filmed insert locations for DOOMWATCH were shot. Well, today's new feature "I've got a Quistion" hopes to fix that!

Where is the Island seen in The Islanders?
(Question from Simon Farchpipe)

Answer: The Island that features in Season 2's The Islanders" is none other than Bryher in the Isles of Scilly. The image above, taken from the episode, shows the view from Castle Hill on Bryher to Tresco, another island which is the bay Dr. Quist is driven into...

Bryher church as seen in The Islanders

Bryher church photo (1996) by John Jenkins at
 Another recent picture of the church can be seen here courtesy of Wikipedia

Todays "I've got a Quistion" has been answered by Michael Seely.

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