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THE DOOMWATCH FANZINE ISSUE 1 are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the VERY FIRST printed DOOMWATCH FANZINE! 

40 years ago, Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis and Terence Dudley's groundbreaking BBCtv series 'DOOMWATCH' was broadcast. To celebrate, present a new Fanzine dedicated to the series which originally ran for three seasons between 1970 -1972, a Feature Film and a TV Movie in 1999. Over a year in the making, it features an EXCLUSIVE complete series synopsis called "Embryonic Nazis on Four Legs" (a reference to a line in the episode Tomorrow, the Rat) written by Tony Darbyshire. This is the perfect introduction to the series for those of you who are unfamiliar with it and would like to find out exactly what DOOMWATCH was all about and why it caused such a stir in the early 1970s with it's prescient storylines.

There are also contributions from Richard Thomas from who looks at "Transhumanism in Doomwatch" and contributions from Michael Seely with his views on Season 3. Stephen Dudley (The late Terence Dudley's son - who produced the original series) provides his thoughts on the series in "A Letter from the Front line". Scott Burditt has designed the entire fanzine and Brian Gorman has provided the illustration of Dr. Spencer Quist that appears on the front cover. A HUGE THANKS to the dedicated researchers who have helped make this fanzine a reality.

The fanzine is an unofficial and unauthorised guide to the classic BBCtv series "DOOMWATCH". This site does not work on behalf of the BBC or any chosen charity. The thoughts and opinions are those of the authors only. Please support the BBC and ask politely for a DVD release of the series!