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THE SUN 5th June 1972


DOOMWATCH, the programme which draws attention to the hazards of technology and which added a new word to our vocabulary, returns tonight for a 13 part series (BBC1, 9.20).
The stories in the new series will sometimes be based on a question put to a leading scientist: What gives you nightmares?

The nightmares include the hijacking of dangerous plutonium, testing of atomic weapons, population problems, experimental psycho-surgery, and water pollution.
In the first story, the dashing Dr Ridge, played by Simon Oates, appears to have cracked up under the pressures of his particular weight of responsibility.
He cold bloodedly plans to hold the world to ransom with six phials of the deadly anthrax virus. Unless his terms are agreed to by the various governments, the health of the whole world is at stake.
Fans of Dr ridge should not worry too much however. If his behaviour seems to indicate an automatic exit from the series.
For there must surely be a scientific explanation for such uncharacteristic carryings-on.

With thanks to Andrew Wilson and Michael Seely